Anyone know cost to repair D50 Error "Err"?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by crowdspotting, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. I've searched the forums and found plenty of examples of people who have the
    same problem (or a variation of the same problem) with their D50 as I do: press
    the shutter button, the shutter fires, the mirror locks up, the camera does
    nothing until you press the shutter button again, at which time the shutter
    closes and you get an "Err" on the LCD.

    I don't want to go through the trouble of packing and sending it in to Nikon
    for an estimate.

    Has anyone had this problem repaired who can give me a general idea of what it
    cost for repair? I realize that "Err" may be caused by a variety of issues but
    I mostly am interested in knowing the range of cost.

    I've had this puppy for three or more years, it's been repaired twice, and
    would be more likely to throw it out or sell it for parts than pay $300 to have
    it fixed.

    Thank you,

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    The D50 was introduced in May, 2005 and Nikon started shipping it in the following summer, so any D50 can at most be about 2 years old. If this is the 3rd problem that requires repair within 2 years, I would say you have a "lemon" (or the owner abuses the camera, but I suppose that is not the case).

    If you indeed have a "lemon," you might explain that to Nikon and request them to fix it for free even though it may be out of warranty. I guess it doesn't hurt to ask. But maybe it is time to upgrade to something else regardless.
  3. Hi! I have two D50-bodies. Another one developed just this kind of problem at April. It was then one year and two weeks old, so it was also just over the warranty time here in Finland. I contacted local warranty repair-shop and they repaired it without any cost. At that time the repair time was about 2.8 hours and estimated total cost was propably about 400?... (one hour of work costs 82? in the official repairshop.) They replaced both the shutter and motor + some little plastic parts, etc... :)

    I second the idea of contacting your local Nikon-headquarters. This amount of problems is unacceptable. My camera had had more than enough exposed frames (over 42.000), so it was a small miracle that they responded positively to my request for repairing... But try that way and inform us how did it go.

    Good luck!
  4. You can e-mail Nikon USA and get a rough estimate before you ship the camera in for a check-up. Nikon USA usually gives you a 'rough' estimate for the cost of repair before starting the work on fixing your camera if you do send it in. (Some Wal-marts have 'new' D50 bodies at $500.00, with a 18-55mm lens. Complete with a Nikon USA warranty.)

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