Anyone interested to review my new eBook?

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  1. I'm looking for 5 people with classic camera interest to have a look at an
    eBook I'm publishing July 14th 2006.
    I use and collect vintage cameras for over 20 years (could fill a museum) and
    like their technology very much. Recently I wanted to know if (apart from
    technical interest) it is worthwhile to invest in classic cameras from an
    investor's point of view. It turns out that it can be very interesting so I
    decided to share my experiences.
    If you're willing to have a look at the book, I'll send the pre-release copy
    by mail to the first 5 people responding. In return I'd like to have your 1-2
    sentence opinion about it (before July 14th) which I might publish on my
    website as a 'testimonial', together with your
    name or website address. For more background information you can visit my blog
  2. I'll bite.

    I have a Rolleiflex and a Rolleicord V, a 35mm Widelux, some Ciro-Flex TLRs, a Kodak Medalist I, and an Argus C3. Oh, and a Zeiss-Ikon Ikonta 6x9 folder. Plus modern stuff that I bought new in the 1980's. And I've written a book myself, though about motorcycling with my son, not cameras.

    How big is the ebook? It may or may not fit in my email box, but:

    If that doesn't work, I can email you my snailmail addy for a CD.


    Doug Grosjean
  3. Hi Peter,

    I would like to review your ebook and give back muy opinion about it.


  4. I would love to review it for you.
    email me for my address.
  5. I'm a classic user and would love to read your book if you don't already have
  6. I would be happy to do this for you. Have been actively involved with photography for over 50 years now.
  7. Hi Peter,
    If you're interested in more than 5 opinions, I'd love to look at your book. I've got about 50 vintage cameras at present, and I'm afraid I'm hooked on collecting them. Let me know and I'll send you my email.
  8. Realizintg that you already appear to have the five reviewers you desire, if you should like the impressions of a professional I would gladly offer the services of the subsidy publishing service operated by my spouse and myself. We have aided in the self-publishing of over fifty books over the past several years. Such review is offered at no expense to you nor do we expect any special considerations should you decide to publish a hard copy. You may contact me at my PN e-mail address.
  9. For what is worth I'd love to review your book and share my opinion. I'm a avid collector of classic SLR's and lenses I got over 250 in my collection and I focus on eraly development of SLR where the meter is still external or attached and not built in. I'd admire your courage in putting the time, effort to share what you collect and your experiance with the rest of the world. Drop me a line and I'll be more than happy to give you feedback.
  10. What is an eBook and how do you read one?
  11. Well, Peter, I'm not really interested in making money from my interest in old cameras (I never sell anything), but thanks for the link to your vintage camera site. I'll bookmark it. Good luck.
  12. hi pete

    send a copy my way...ready to help you,if need be!

    Keep close,

  13. You've certainly got more than five takers so far, but I would also offer my services to review your eBook. I've got a collection of about 100 cameras, most acquired at fairly modest cost via online auctions. If you will forward a copy of your text to my email, I'll be happy to review and comment.
  14. Hi Pete,
    I am very interested in reviewing your book. I love mt collection of vintage cameras and would love to see what info and meteral you have in your book. I sell and collect the cameras, and I often use many of my cameras at random from day to day. I have collect and use formats 120,126,110,127,35(135),polaroid and 8mm double reel and super movie cameras. I stock all these films in my fridge for use and have from 6 to 20 rolls of each film I mentioned. And plan on buying and builing my collection more and more. I sometimes can fix little things on assorted cameras with the broken ones. And am able to develop any of these films at assorted places and send out. I love it, it's my hobby and my passion. Plus being a FreeLance employed photographer is a plus. So, please feel free to advance me a copy of your book. Thankjs and good luck..I am sure your book will be a hit and a classic among us collectors and passionests.
    Warren G Dolbashian

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