Anyone in south Florida recognize this place?

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  1. Several years ago, I shot this in southern Florida. Does anyone know what and where it is? It's a long shot, I know, 'cause it could be anywhere from Ft. Lauderdale, to Miami, to the Everglades. Any help would be really appreciated.
  2. The non-beer signs look like those in a Johnny Rocket but this looks very much like a bar instead of a diner.
  3. Definitely a diner. Lighten it up. You can see it better. There's a menu sitting in a menu holder right above the ketchup bottle in the middle. The black couple is sitting at the counter and a couple is sitting at a table at the bottom. The black guy is wearing an undershirt and his lady friend a nightgown. Very strange. WOuldn't think this is in a upscale neighborhood, but then again it's Florida and hot. The sign to the left of the Malt sign at the top right appears to say "Ken Eats Here". Do you know a Ken?
  4. She's not wearing a nightgown and he's definitely not black. She could be Hispanic too.
  5. Hey, I appreciate the help.
    I don't thing the people in the shot will identify where it is. It's all about the place, I believe. I did Google "Ken Eats Here", "American Fries", etc.
    Oh, well. I thought someone would know the location.
    Thanks, again.
  6. Oh, and there are Coor's signs, so I guess the place would serve beer. Hmmm...
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    Johnny Rocket, South Beach?
    This and this may help?
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    Unless they all look like that inside....
  9. Daytona Beach
  10. Thanks, Benjamin!
    Yes, the font looks identical to the one at Johnny Rockets.
  11. During WWII, Stars and Stripes - the GI newspaper - ran a picture of a town mainstreet, and asked people to identify it. They got hundreds of responses, each one identifying the street as one in their own home town. ;)
    Frank's American photos also show the universal character of some of these things.
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    nice shot btw

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