Anyone here studied photojournalism @ RIT - How do scholarships work?

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  1. Hello everyone.
    So I've just been accepted in the photojournalism program of RIT (
    Although I think their program looks very interesting, I'm still very hesitante. It's very expensive!
    Has anyone here studied PJ in that school? Any feedback regarding it?
    Also, I dont understand how scholarships work. When confirming my acceptance by email, they also said "Iā€™m happy to let you know that you have been admitted to RIT. You also received a $10,000 scholarship.".
    How do scholarships work? Is it just customs to give out a 10K scholarship to international students? (I'm from Canada).

    Since I'm 34 years old, coming out of a career in IT, they did ask me to provide my old college transcripts from my IT education... for which I was a pretty strong student (almost straight A's). Could that be the reason for them to just decide to give me a scholarship or as I said... is it almost a standard thing for schools to do in the US?

    I'm asking because I didn't apply anywhere to get a scholarship. Didn't fill out any forms or anything to ask for it. Just found it strange.
    Anyways, hope to hear back from someone!!
    Thanks so much :)
  2. My oldest daughter was an IT major at RIT, which has an exceptional PJ program and IS INDEED expensive. You should call and get the particulars of your scholarship offer. I suspect it's $10,000 per year, assuming that you keep grades high. My daughter, a Texan, received $4,000 per year, probably because she was a good student in HS and they really, really wanted females in IT. You probably are benefiting from your prior work experience, prior good grades in a complementary field to photography and partly due to being Canadian.
    RIT isn't into faking people out. If they offer a scholarship, it's for real. Still, it's an expensive school to start with, but it also has an excellent history of placing grads into great jobs. You need to figure out the total cost, net of the scholarship, to see if you can afford it. For PJ, I think it's one of the top schools in the world, but you'll need to check that out for yourself.
  3. David, thank you!
    I just called up the school and had a talk. They did tell me it was a merit based scholarship, based upon that transcript which I sent them.
    They also told me that yes, it is renewable every year. I need to stay in a specific marks range. Although, even if I go below say a GPA of 3.2, I'll still have the scholarship, but it would be reduced by like 500$. That part I didn't quite understand... they must be a limit to how low one can get and still have scholarship... and 500$ only reduced? That's not much on a $10,000!
    On top, she mentioned I could send in a a request for "needs based grants", which I could potentially be entitled to because I am canadian.. I've yet to see.

    Anyhow, I should be receiving the hole package by UPS express early next week. It should detail the hole thing out...
    Thanks for your inputs :)
  4. Patrick,

    I graduated from the photojournalism program at RIT in 1981. Though I am sure the program is very different than it was
    32 years ago I have always felt that I received a very high quality photographic education. William Snyder, was a
    classmate of mine. We often went shooting together. He went on to win 4 Pulitzer Prizes for his photojournalism. I
    believe he is now the head of the department. Go for it!


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