Anyone heard from Sherry Krauter lately?

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  1. First, Happy New Year, everyone.
    Anyway, I've been trying to get in touch with Sherry via e-mail and phone on and off for about three months. We were in the middle of a transaction at that time, and suddenly she stopped responding to my communications. For the first few weeks, I just assumed she was swamped at the (early) start of the holiday season; now I'm beginning to wonder if she's doing okay since she had always been prompt to respond up to that point. So, if you've had any contact with her in that time, it would be helpful to know.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. I have contact with her often. What kind of interaction was it generally? Leica USA is shutting down mechanical camera repair, Sherry has become overloaded and will not even take on some time consuming repairs.
  3. I just got a note from her 3 days ago just letting me know a M4-P I sent her arrived safe and sound.
  4. I presume and hope she is ok. We had a terrific conversation about 6 weeks ago, in which we discussed a myriad of things, including Leica and Leitz. She told me that my beloved M6 would take some time to be CLA'd and that she would let me know when it is finished. I hope that she is very busy.
  5. Spoke to her about a week ago: she's the best technician and the best person -- and she'll give me s--t for saying so. . .
  6. I have not used her services, but I understand she has a good reputation. Leica gave up repairing Barnack Leicas several years ago, but only after some 30 or so years after the last one. If the information is right that Leica USA has abandoned the repair of mechanical Leicas that is indeed unprecedented, as Leica Ms are still being made (or until very recently if they are not).
    Another aspect is the availabiilty of parts. Leica should be held (encouraged?) to make them available for the next 20 or 30 years, as they did for the LTM models before.
    I have used the services of a Leica trained technician in Toronto, Canada, and know that Leica repair is undertaken by the former Leica distributor there as well. One of the spin-offs of previous Leica camera and lens design and production in Ontario is apparently the presence of a number of persons trained in the construction and repair of M Leicas.
    Perhaps we need to have someone more knowledgeable than myself who would put together a list of competent Leica repairers in North America, and possibly elsewhere. Or does that already exist somewhere else in PNet?
  7. I can start the list by mentioning Gerry Smith at Kindermann Canada in Markham (Toronto), Ontario. Gerry has been around a long time and is one of the best in the business, and he is very good with the screw mount Leicas. He did a first rate job with CLAs on my M2 and M4 as well as with 3 50mm lenses. Gerry is great to talk with and Kindermann can expedite customs clearances.
    There are others who also do good work but I'll let folks who have dealt with them make their own comments.
  8. Thanks, everyone, for your responses. I'm glad to hear that everything seems to be okay with her, and that she's got plenty of work. I'll try to get back in touch with her this week to see if we can tie up the loose ends.
    @Arthur: I don't know if there's a specific listing of Leica techs here at, but Andrew Nemeth has just such a listing here. Don't know if he's keeping it updated or not, though.
  9. FYI, Sherry doesn't work on Barnack (LTM) cameras. But if she has the time she will CLA any brand / type of RF lens. For example she has cleaned up old LTM Nikkors and Canon Serenar's for me.
  10. Derek,
    Thanks for the list. Another in metropolitan Toronto is David Yau, in Markham, although I don't have his coordinates close. If anyone is interested, I would be glad to look them up.
  11. Derek,
    Thanks for the list. Another in metropolitan Toronto is David Yau, in Markham, although I don't have his coordinates close. If anyone is interested, I would be glad to look them up.
  12. For European users I can recommend "Will van Manen Kamera-service" (Zoetermeer, The Netherlands). He CLA'd five of my Leica bodies and they run smoothly again and the finders are bright and clear again. He cleaned several lenses and is now taking care of several more items.
  13. yeah lex, just eagerly awaiting my CLA-d M4 1971... and rollei 35S, which needed a new meteringcell (which Will found in an older rollei35s he had laying around ...). Just got my tele elmar 135/4 from Germany, like new and smooth.....
  14. There is a difference between Leica USA ceasing servicing M's (if in fact they have) and Leica ceasing servicing M's. My watch has to go back to Switzerland for service, so maybe, our Leicas have to go back to Solms. I have no doubts that Leica will continue to provide parts for their M film cameras (they are still made and under warranty after all ), for as long as they provided service and parts for the screw mount bodies.
    The M bodies have been manufactured for almost twice as long as the screwmount and with the more affluent and populated society we have become since 1925, there are no doubt more of them in use.
  15. Just talked to Sherry today. Had a great conversation and as always learned much. She is very busy digging out from the snow and taking care of businesss. I have an M5 she did a CLA on and it works like a dream.

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