anyone have/use Nikon 105/2.5 LTM?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by dan d. chang, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. Can user post some pictures taken by this lens? any comments?
  2. It was considered the best lens in its class back in the 1960's. I believe the same formula was also used in the early Nikon F mount 105/2.5. I seem to recall Pete Turner used one a lot, but I'm not sure which version, rangefinder or reflex.
  3. The 10.5cm F2.5 was made for the Nikon rangefinder and LTM Leica. It is a sonnar lens design; the same lens as the nikon F's 105mm thru about 1970. Later the Gauss lens design came out; with a larger rear element; and a very very slight sharpness improvemnet cloaser than 3 meters. The portrait lens legend name for the 105mm started with the older version; before the newer variant was even designed. Todays 105mm F2.5 is a gauss design; the same as the 1971 lens; except multicoating. Multicoating was added about 1973.
  4. The 105 1:2.5 AIS for Nikon SLR's is a great lens at a great price (under $200 in great shape).
  5. I've used a 105/2.5 in S mount + Nikon S to Leica adapter on various LTM and M mount cameras. It is an absolutely wonderful lens. It matches up with the 90 Leica M frame fairly well. The LTM version comes with a tripod mount.
  6. I used one with an M adapter, until I found a pre-Asph 90 Summicron.
    It was a superb lens, but not as good as the Leica 90 Summicron.

    I still have and use a 105 Nikkor with my Nikon F2A.

  7. HP5+, 1/125th sec. @ f/4, mounted on M3 (Contax RF mount version, not LMT, but same lens), shot cropped about 10%. [​IMG]
  8. After a year of looking for a 90 'cron, a Konica 90 2.8, or even a Zuiko 100 f2.8,that wasn't overpriced, I bit the bullet and for slightly over $100 US I got a 105 2.5 Nikkor P, AND a black Nikkormat FTN, both in excellent shape. The camera and lens will be joined in matrimony never to part. Nikkormats and ELs are the sweet secret on EBay, I've seen beauties going in the $30s.

    Why didn't I look for an Elmarit? Because I've never seen a pic from it that knocked me off my seat.

    Dante Stella has a paragraph or two on this lens.

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