Anyone have a Zeikos grip/pack for their D700?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by crowdspotting, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. Hello,
    I am still struggling with a frustrating issue with my Zeikos NBG300N battery pack. I am looking for someone who has a D700 and this pack, who can answer the following question:
    When using AA batteries with the Zeikos pack, and they become weak, does your D700 switch over to the internal battery automatically?
    Mine does not. When the AA batts become exhausted, the camera simply fails to fire. and I get an "Err" in the LCD. If I pull out the battery tray of the grip, everything works fine again.

    Zeikos told me to return the grip to them for replacement, which I did, but the new unit that they sent to me has the exact same problem. I am beginning to suspect that the grip simply can't do the job. My D700 is new, but since I don't have another D700 to try this on, I can't be 100% sure that it's the grip. In theory the problem could be my D700.
    I found a couple of reviews online stating that people have had this problem with their D300 cameras, but I've yet to find someone with a D700 who can confirm this issue.
    Anyone had symptoms similar to mine?
    Thank you for your help,

  2. Jeff, there has been a fair amount of discussion that the off-brand grips are not fully compatible, and across several other bodies, such as knock-off grips for the D80/D90.
    With that said, it's easy enough to take a drained grip into a camera shop and try it on another D700. My gut tells me it's your grip.
  3. I have had mine for a week or two and experience the same thing. The batteries get week after 400 shots or so and you get Err on the LCD. I just trade the tray for the other one and things are good to go. I can live with it for 8 frames per second at 1/3 of the Nikon grip cost.
  4. Have you configured the D700 to use first the grip, then the main battery?
  5. Antonio,
    Yes, the camera is configured correctly. Sounds like that M. Hayward is experiencing the same thing and basically is confirming my suspicion that the grip is NOT fully compatible (as Mark also suggests).

    Thanks for your responses!
  6. Thank you, Jeff.
    I was going to buy this brand only because it is lighter that the original one.

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