Anyone had minox repair experience at DAG camera repair?

Discussion in 'Minox' started by weiliang_liu, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. Hi
    I wonder if anyone had minox repair experience at DAG camera repair. Usually, how long does it take to repair the camera. I sent my submini minox camera on Mar 9th. Today is April 6th, I sent an email to Mr Goldberg, but he said he is too busy to work on my camera. I am hesitated to ask him how long he can fit it. so I ask for some help here, Thanks a lot.
  2. DAG is a premier repair for minox, Leica and other quality cameras. If you search the archives, you will find good things said bout DAG. My experience with some excellent repair facilities is that a month to 6 weeks wait is not unusual. Keep in mind that shipping eats days too.
  3. I got it. I am appreciate for your help Jeff.
  4. I sent two Minox BL to DAG, one with shutter problem, it was repaired. The other he kept for more than 6 month, than returned to me un repaired.
    I had better repair experience with Kindermann in Toronto. When I sent in my Minox C for repair, they called in a few days time and provided an extimate, returned repaired and cleaned in less than a month.
    However I have no idea now where Kindermann still repair Minox cameras
  5. Thanks Martin, before I sent my camera to DAG I also contacted Kindermann. They do repair Minox cameras. The camera I need to repair is a riga minox. The response of Kindermann is they cannot make sure they can fix it but if I want I can send it to them. They will check it first. Then, I contacted DAG, Mr Goldberg give me a price for overhaul. I know he is an expert on repairing Leica and Minox. so I sent it to him. Actually, he have received my camera over 4 weeks and still no time work on it. I have to wait... Anyway, thank you very much.
  6. My experience with DAG on both Leica and Minox has been uniformly excellent.
  7. DAG is indeed my one stop repair shop of choice.Busy as a beehive,but excellent workmanship.Some delays as expected,Don is indeed very busy.However,every time I sent a camera,he informed me on its arrival and gave me an estimate of costs,together with the description of the camera fault(s).
    I would suggest some patience,and I am positive your camera shall be sent in due time.And remember,it is always much better to ask Don first on a time frame estimate.We are many Minox users or collectors,and Don is but one of the few(very few)Minox repair craftsmen.
  8. I have the first camera DAG repaired this century. A very nice factory new condition complan C. Infact it performs so well that it is likely to be better than new. He did a fair amount of work on it, including changing the shell to make it in top condition.
  9. I just sent in my 1958 Minox B, which I got as a package deal from a gentleman in Sweden.
    I purchased his Enlarger so he threw in his old B, which was jammed open, but it looks like the light meter is good I hope, as it still reacted to light fairly well.
    So off it went to DAG earlier this week, he said it should take around 3 weeks, and will cost around 80-120 dollars, it depends on if the light meter is also broken.
    I can't wait to get it back, I have never used a mechanical minox, as this far I have used only the EC and the LX.
  10. Received my camera 03/21/2011. In superb condition after service.
  11. Today, 2016, who is still in business repairing Minox 8 x 11 cameras?
    EDUARDO (Colombia).
  12. Eduardo Barriga: DAG Camera just responded to me via email that he could repair a Minox C of mine (May 2016)
  13. I just got it back from repair yesterday. He CLA'd the shutter and film transport.

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