Anyone hack/adapt lenses onto your Bronica ETR?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by tom_cheshire, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. I have a Bronica ETRS and have wanted to adapt other lenses but, as you know, it is difficult because of how the system works. I was considering using a 75mm lens with the glass removed and the alternate lens adapted by use of a filter ring or lens cap onto the front of the 75mm lens. In the case of shuttered alternate lenses I considered setting the 75mm on T and then using the shutter on the alternate lens.
    If anyone has any experience doing things like this I'd like to hear how good it worked, etc.
    I know, it is easier to use a camera with a focal plane shutter.
  2. I have done the opposite of what you want, i.e. take elements out of a Bronica (this case a SQ) and put them in a 0 size shutter. I suppose you could take the elements out and replace them with a LF of MF lens elements such as an Angulon etc. that fit a size 0 shutter. What is the advantage of this other than it may be fun to experiment.
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    paul ron NYC

    I believe there is an adaptor.. otherwise canabolize an old junker lens to use the mount?
  4. I think sticking another lens on the front of a hollowed-out 75mm might lead to vignetting. What kinds of lenses are you wanting to adapt?
  5. Years ago when the Mamiya M645 came out there were all kinds of lenses adapted to it. Some were lenses made for 35mm cameras but which had a large enough image circle to accomodate the 6X4.5 image area. The M645 had a focal plane shutter so lenses adapted to it do not need a shutter of their own. Mamiya did make at least one leaf-shutter lens so if flash synch is an issue that takes care of it. I have ETR, SQ abd GS series cameras and lenses. Most of the lenses made for the ETR series cameras are now reasonable in price. This may be the least tinker-friendly medium format SLR made. You would need a very important reason for trying to adapt other lenses to this camera to make it worthwhile.

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