Anyone familiar with Billingham?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by philip_jacobsen, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. Hi guys!
    I've been looking at some Billingham bags lately but i find it hard to choose one because there are so few images of the bags when worn by people. I can't really relate to the measurements alone.
    I need the bag for everyday use/ light traveling.
    It has to have room for the following in main department:
    -Canon 60D
    -Canon 24-105
    -Canon 50 1.4
    -Canon 70-300
    -Tokina or Canon ultra wide angle zoom. (buying when i get the green)
    I am not looking for anything larger than the Packington. The Hadley Large also seems like an option.
    Anyone know how the wearability of the Packington is? Is it as comfortable as the Hadley is suposed to be?
    Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi Phil
    I'm not sure that a large Hadley would take the kit you mention - it almost certainly wouldn't fit a medium Hadley (which is what I think I have - I bought it when there was only one Hadley!).
    Could you consider a 225? That would fairly definitely be big enough, but might be a touch bulky and heavy. Fine for a location camera bag, not so good for a walk-around bag.
  3. I have the "medium" Hadley (the pro) too and I think it would fit. The camera and 50/1.4 go in the middle compartment and the 2 zooms on either side. You can configure the velcro dividers to whatever size you want. It will be a bit snug but I think it would fit. The Large Hadley would most likely fit. I'm not so familiar with the other bags. The Hadley is incredibly comfortable though. Even loaded to the max it doesn't feel awkward.

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