Anyone expecting any mind blowing technology from Canon next month?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by jon_kobeck|1, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Perhaps a 5D Mark III?
    Maybe in 2012
  2. Maybe a 1Ds MkIV.
    With ECF?
    With on body IR emitter (for AF assist and wireless flash)
    With old-skool DEP mode?
    With a headphone socket for video users?
  3. No. Should I?
    Happy shooting,
  4. Does mind blowing technology translate to a slight improvement on the current technology?
  5. I think they should get rid of the video on the 5D and lower the price.
  6. "I think they should get rid of the video on the 5D and lower the price"
    And cannibalize 7D sales? I don't think so.
    I'd like them to create a EF-S lens large sensor compact to compete with the micro 4/3 offerings. A digital Canonet?
  7. I wish they would come out with a Canon 5D Mark III so I can buy the II at a lesser price!
  8. I'm waiting up for the so-much-fuss-over-it Canon "3D" or a Canon 5D Mark III, with much better improvements for video capabilities.
  9. Erwin, I seriously doubt that Canon will do "much better improvements for video capabilities". 5DIII will still be primarily a still camera and in order to make major improvements they will have to dramatically increase its size. Plus, if they improve it too much they will be taking a hit to their video cameras market. I don't think it's in their best interest. Professionals found a way to accommodate for all shortcomings of the 5DII and today it is probably one of the best video cameras in the world at 1/20 to 1/50 of a price of any serious professional camera. Yes its hard to learn and operate, yes it cam be a money pit to buy all of the attachments in order to produce serious videos but it's worth every second and penny.
  10. Just a dumb question, aren't the video capabilities in a DSLR primarily a software implementation? If so, the cost is mostly in the development, and dropping video capabilities from a camera would not significantly reduce production costs per unit.
  11. I don't think Canon will ever give us continuous auto focus in DSLR video (the major shortcoming now as I see it) or it will seriously hurt their sales of dedicated video cameras. Canon's only mind blowing product launch lately that I know of is video, the new FH3000, with 50Mbps and CF recording, is awful close to holy grail status for small, relatively inexpensive pro level video cams.
  12. The new ef 135/1.8 L IS USM
  13. Yes, video capabilities are software-based only. And this is the only thing that we can expect to change. Stuff like continuous auto focus mentioned above will never happen.
  14. Ilya, I know what you mean; I've been working as a DP and cameraman for a while now, using my 7D. I've bought tons of equipment just to make it more comfortable, and I don't have any trouble with that. The improvements I was talking about are things like slow motion at 1080p instead of 720p, the troublesome diagonal image you get when panning too fast, and fixing the audio controls.
    Things like that wouldn't hurt their Pro Video line; heck, i'm not even interested in "auto-focus" during video.
  15. Some folks are expecting EF 24-70/2.8L IS, EF 50/1.4 mk 2, EF 35/1.8, and/or EF-S 60/2.8 IS. Whether this is a wish list, educated guess, or actual leaked info is up in the air. Mind-blowing? Depends on your mind I suppose.
  16. Erwin, I don't think they will be able to do anything about the jitters when you pan too fast. It's sensor-related and in order to get rid of that you will have to reduce sensor dramatically thus killing all of its advantages. It would be nice though. I just hate seeing it. But slow motion, audio controls and everything that can be done with the software is definitely doable and I expect to see it maybe even with the next firmware release.
  17. Roger speaking about micro 4/3, I love my Panny G1 so far. Sure the IQ isn't the same as my 5D, but Its the second best
    in a non DSLR camera. Such a joy to carry around all day.
  18. in the absence of any real breakthrough product from Nikon, I think Canon will hold their fire until they have something to trump.
  19. I would suspect something small like a 4/3 camera has to be coming. I got a chance to test out the GF1, Pen and NEX and IMO they where all light years ahead of any point and shoot. I ended up with the NEX-5.
  20. a 24-105 F2.8 IS USM II?
  21. I want a 400 f4, no DO, no IS, for $3,500, which I'm fairly certain will never happen
  22. I do expect upgrades in resolution, dynamic range, etc. But unless it exceeds Phase One it's not going to blow my mind.
  23. I don't see Canon announcing a greater than 65mp camera next month, so I think your mind is safe from being blown.
  24. "Perhaps a 5D Mark III? Maybe in 2012"
    Sounds like your mind is easily blown...
  25. I almost sure that the Canon EOS 50D will be replaced this year.
    Prices have been dropping steadily and now you just have to add 50 to 80 euros to the prices sellers in Europe are asking for the 550D.
    HD video and better high ISO performance is what I expect.
    For other possible replacement, I would bet on the 1000D.
  26. How about a full frame 7D , that would be a great camera if they would keep the same size pixels.
    Jim Ducey
  27. I won't be surprised if the 1Ds IV is announced. And sure, it'll blow my mind. Or at least my budget. But then, I shoot with a lowly 5D mk 1.
    Also, a successor to the 1000D would be no surprise... perhaps one that adds video but otherwise has minimal changes.
    A 60D would surprise me, though. I don't believe that model will ever be made.
  28. Mind blowing? No.
    What I do expect:
    1Ds IV
    1000D replacement
    A couple (or possibly 3) of new lenses, probably the 24-70 f2.8 L IS as one, and a reworked 100-400 L.
    Given how quiet they've been on the topic, possibly a mirrorless model, too, although that might need to wait 6 months.
  29. There's been rumours of a 680EX flash, but as an addition to the lineup, not a 580EXII replacement.
  30. 1Ds Mark IV and 60D with the latest incremental updates (60D retains consumer-level AF). Nothing mind-blowing. No 5D Mark III.
  31. I sure wish people who don't want video on their DSLR camera's would just go get a 5D and leave us happy video shooting 5d2'ers alone. I am happy the price of the 5D2 is not lower other wise everyone would have one and would be harder for me to make money.
    I would love to see a 24-105 or 24-70 F2.8 IS
  32. I wish they would create a full frame sensor camera with only manual modes and with an FD mount so as to breathe new life into the millions of beautiful FD mount lenses around the world that are gathering dust...doubt the stupid marketing guys would ever let that one happen...
  33. 1. 55-110/2.0 IS.
    2. 35-105/2.8 IS that competes with primes in sharpness and doesn't distort and vignette like crazy at the wide end. Oh, yes. With internal zoom, internal focus, and a "zoom hood" that pushes the hood forward/back as you zoom out/in.
    3. 5DIII with much lower noise at ISO 100 and 200. While the screaming rants about banding at ISO 100 over at a certain Amazon-owned English site have been silly, both 5D and the 5D2 ISO 100 images lose it when boosted two stops. ISO 100 pushed two stops shouldn't be all that much worse than ISO 400.
  34. I hate green square auto mode.
    I have two choices:
    Stamp my feet and shout about wishing Canon would remove the facility
    ignore it.
    Those who hate ECF, Video, etc. Guess what? There is an off switch. Might be on the camera, might be in your head.
    No likey, don't use.
  35. 5DMKIII so that I can finally buy a 5DMKII for about $1500.00
  36. Sounds like your mind is easily blown...​
    Best reply thus far. Kudos Dan.
    Happy shooting,
  37. 5DIII with much lower noise at ISO 100 and 200. While the screaming rants about banding at ISO 100 over at a certain Amazon-owned English site have been silly, both 5D and the 5D2 ISO 100 images lose it when boosted two stops.​
    Why are you underexposing two stops? I don't know what you expect. The 5d2 has incredibly low noise at 100 iso, among the best of any digital camera in existence.
  38. "Why are you underexposing two stops?"
    I'm not. But the subject of this thread is "mind blowing technology", and a 13-stop DR at ISO 100 (instead of the very nice 11 or so that we actually get) would actually be quite mind blowing, at least to people who know how hard it is to make circuits with that little noise in them. (Actually, there are lots of photographic reasons to want to be able to push two stops at ISO 100: HDR from mutiple conversions of a single raw file, scenes that a zone system bloke would develop at N-2, for starters.)
  39. A couple (or possibly 3) of new lenses, probably the 24-70 f2.8 L IS as one, and a reworked 100-400 L.
    That would be my choice for something new. And perhaps a sharp 24-105 f/4 L.
  40. well, it would be nice if they introduced something with bigger sensor (something like leica s2) + 3 nice primes to go with it - just a new line of cameras mainly for studio to compete (properly) with MF... if they used their cmos sensor in size comparable to MF - 33x44mm or around that (i'm not even sure if it's technologicaly possible, i mean cmos in this size)- and they made some good glass combined with 3 or 5 AF points and let's say 60 mpx, the image quality would be probably amazing... i would even accept price bracket that could go with it (15k €£$ for camera)... that would blow not only my, but probably other people minds...
    just wishful thinking :)
  41. A significant dynamic range improvement in the 1Ds IV or 5D III . It shouldn't be too difficult. There exist already "wide dynamic range" (WDR) security cameras and high speed motion cameras which combine per frame a short and a long exposure. Effectively in-camera HDR. Since DSLR sensors now can capture video this is a logical next step.
    Plus a 17-40 mm f/4L II with IS this year or next year - Nikon already released an equivalent.
  42. Big second on expanded dynamic range.
  43. While were seconding things, I'll second a 17-40/4.0 L II. Pleeeeeeeeeeezu! Even at 1.5x the weight and twice the price if the corners are sharp.
  44. Yes if you consider articulated Screen mind blowing technology.
  45. Something awesome would be a mind-blowing ISO 1,000,000 with barely no noise at all. =]
  46. 33x44mm or around that (i'm not even sure if it's technologicaly possible​
    Technologically that's not a problem. But it is horribly expensive since the yield of working sensors would dramatically drop.
  47. Dave Collett , Aug 10, 2010; 11:34 a.m.
    And perhaps a sharp 24-105 f/4 L.
    Daftest comment I've seen a forum for a long time! Mine's sharp and pretty much everyone else who has one says it's sharp. If yours isn't (if you have one) then send it to Canon or if it's new, get a replacement.

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