Anyone ever tried a motion sensor trigger?

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  1. I see a couple of motion sensor triggers for cameras online with some patchy reviews here and there, I am wanting to free up a photographer within a mud run or at the finish line of a running race... and was wondering if I could put such a device on my camera on a tripod and see if you could adjust the sensitivity to shoot the runner, for example, coming across the finish line.
    Anyone have any experience with such a device? I'd be interested in how well it worked.
  2. If you are electronically inclined maybe cobble some photoelectric barrier together that keeps the shutter circuit closed long enough for a couple of frames?
  3. I have a Trigger Trap and have experimented with several different modes. The Trigger Trap relies on the smart phone camera or microphone to trigger an exposure. I've yet to produce anything worth sharing. When I tried using the motion detector, once the first image was exposed, it kept shooting a continuous burst. It takes some fine tuning of the sensitivity to get it right. The smartphone apparently needs to be mounted on its own tripod so it is isolated from vibration from the camera.
  4. If you can find a 2nd hand one, a Zigview SC-V100R or Zigview S2 is a motion trigger driven by a little CCD camera looking through your VF and firing on brightness changes within a 3 x 3 grid. All variables are adjustable although the UI is a mess.
    Equally, it's fairly straightforward to us a modern PIR sensor rigged 'into' a cheap hand-held remote.
  5. Camera triggers that rely on smartphone operation are introducing unknowns into the equation and this often produces erratic behavior. I have used a PIR sensor with consistent results, simply feeding the output into a microcontroller, which then fires the shutter.
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