anyone ever order from express cameras?

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by charlie_cavalli, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. im thinking about ordering from a website called express cameras but
    the thing is, there prices are SO LOW. so low that it worries me. does
    anyone know if this site is a scam operation?
  2. I found this on Google, do not know anything else about them.
    Sounds like they charge low, then ask you for more money to buy whole kit before they ship.
  3. This has more info
  4. This is my recommendation; Don't order from anyone but high-profile dealers. Personally, I only use B&H for mail-order, as I've NEVER had any problems with them. You'll likely save $20 by dealing with some a**hole who will bait/switch you faster than you can blink. Any price that is "so low" would make me run away. These site's aren't necessarily out-and-out scams, but their business practices might make you wish they were so they wouldn't keep leading you on.

    Look here:

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