Anyone else use the Photek Softlighter II." I think I got it figured out maybe

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  1. I have had this umbrella style softbox style light modifier for some time. My challenge was to get a strobe with a head that has no shaft hole close enough to fit in the sock. By george I think I have got if finally. So you put the sock on the Quantum before mounting the reflector. Then you use a Stroboframe bracket- if they still sell one like this- to mount the flash. Permits umbrellas Softlighter shaft to be about two inches from flash head and on similar axis. Plus, in my set up, the Stroboframe allows angling of the flash. Yeah my Norman pack crapped out and I got tired of AC power cords anyway... With my mirrorless GX 8 and a Quantum T 5d and Turbo 3 I can be mobile and set up a portrait wherever and whenever. Yes, I do use a flash meter and manual setting. Takes little enough time. I thought I would share this in the lighting section and welcome any other ideas. PS: Photek provides zip info on the unit when I bought it except how to not smash the ribs....but I still do not know what the velcro tabs on the front panel are there to do...(duh). Any idea? i guess I could call or e mail the company, but this place is such a cornucopia of ideas....aloha, gs Softlighter II iset up.jpg
  2. Single light source I go for....if it is big enough. I guess it does everything except hair light which maybe could be done with a reflector. But one could use a small shoe flash on a pole and set it to the long zoom. Got to try that.. ( I bought a couple Apollo modifers 25 years ago that my Navy workshop guy strongly suggested. Not recommended because the flash has to be engulfed by the Apollo. I want to see the bleeding screen on my flash whether it be Quantum or my Olympus FL 50.) I know all about radio control and all...but if I can reach it, I like to be able to twiddle the dials so to speak..
  3. OK, if my puss will not keep the trick or treaters away. Here is a test with this single umbrella box. Softlighter test II.jpg
  4. The velcro on the white diffussion is suppose to attach to the velcro on the back of the umbrella located on each rib. If your umbrella does not have it then you have an older umbrella or you bought the diffusion separately.
  5. Thanks, Michael. That has to be it. I just today got an answer from the company which kind of affirms same though I did buy them at same time actdually.... No matching stripes on the umbrella I can see to cling to nor on black fabric cover. Sokay... But the stiff velcro does add to the solidity of the front panel when bent back over the black fabric covering the umbrella. I think the Softlighter is an interesting gizmo and I will experiment more with it now that I have broken out the Stroboframe catalog 300-125 which enables a closer alignment of the Softl umbrella shaft and the axis of the light I am currently using, a Quantum T 5d triggered by a PW Plus X. Latter a new investment but I think it will do the job well enough. I use a tiny mini clamp to hold the PW to the light stand and a 1/4 spigot. Photo is a matter of never tossing out anything from the odds and end bin. But we all know that.

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