Anyone else use a Canon Powershot Pro 1 for professional jobs?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by prince_alfie, May 31, 2005.

  1. Does anyone use the Powershot Pro 1 (backup body) for professional
    jobs? I was wondering whether it can take the heat.
  2. Doubtful. Shoddy AF performance in low light, something less than full speedlight compatibility with their own units and horrible high ISO performance- a combination for eventual disaster. It would need to be someone on a real tight budget and willing to accept much less in terms of performance. Anyone serious enough to shoot paying jobs with digital cameras needs to be using a digital SLR with a digital SLR backup.
  3. These days you can purchase the "old" Digital rebel for just about the same amount of money... and keep using real lenses...
  4. At the risk of destroying professional integrity and the thoughts of the many who turn to this profession for the quality and expertise that they expect in preserving their special memories of a special occasion or someone they love.And for the display of a product for other businesses to sell with confidence,. NO WAY

    Would you use the family car in a rally race, or a donkey in a horse race, maybe a hand drill to bore a hole through a concrete wall. It takes a long time for some to establish themselves as a good pro.Use the right tools from the start and have pride in your work. IMO When folks see others using iinferior equipment, that not only reflects on the user but on the profession itself.

    Alfie there has been more than enough info in these forums outlining the inferiorities of P & S, that one would not even contemplate the use of one for a professional living, yet I know 2 pros who use, one a Pro 1, the other a minolta A2, neither of them ever get repeat costumers.

    enjoy your work with pride and have fun
  5. Most of us (the human race) learned a long time ago that jus because it has "Pro" in the title, in no way means it's good enough for professional use.
  6. Though....I do have to say that I have seen a LOT of pros using the 300D (digital rebel) and the same in film version, and D70's.
  7. the 300D with the right lenses can give shots just as good as any professional level dSLR in many if not most situations and the print size doen't go much above 12x8
  8. My question to all of the above is: have you actually used the camera? Or are you just a bunch of snobs bashing a camera from the top of your superiority?

    Alfie: it depends on the professional job. I use the Pro 1 to shoot landscapes and travel photographs. I then print them and sell them at a local gallery here in Muscat, Oman (that is in the Arabia peninsula). Again, it depends. Horses for courses. If you know what you are doing, and know the limitations of your tools, then it really doesn't matter.

    I am just marvelled at the illuminated opinion of the "experts"...
  9. My question to all of the above is: have you actually used the camera?

    Hi Paulo, yes to your question, as I stated i know 1 photographer who uses, I found the camera very small to handle, the 550ex made it feel uneven. I found it very limited with event work being to noisy above 100ISO and not very responsive in low light. Its owner only uses it on a tripod for local landscapes mainly at 50ISO and spends a lot of time with the images in PS. He prints 20`inch wide enlargments on his epson 7600 and sells at the local market (not many) they do look ok standing back but the camera lacks severely in dynamic range. as a p&s its ok but its not an all round pro camera, or a suitable back up.
  10. first off, what do you mean by pro work? portraits? advertising? i wouldnt use it for weddding shots or action shots but for studio work its fine.. also, with the "L" lens, it takes sharp, really sharp shots and the macro modes cant be beat. But, low light and say no way!

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