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  1. Hi all,

    I'm just looking to buy my first digital camera, and am keen on teh
    Fuji S602z.

    My question is with regard to

    Has anyone used this site before? It's US based, and I'm in the UK,
    but the prices on the fuji (even with delivery included) come to
    around £200gbp less than I can get it in the UK.

    They're verisign registered, have a helpline, and sell gift
    certificates, all of which are suggesting to me legitimacy.

    The prices are just confusing me, it almost seems 'to good to be

    Any thoughts/experiences?

    Terry Brown
  2. I have no knowledge of this company, but how much do you expect the savings to be after UK customs have added VAT and other taxes, if you don't have the luck to avoid it?
  3. ahh - just found:

    would appear that there be scamming afoot.

    thought it was too good to be true! lol

  4. Check 'em out at
  5. it's always like that - if their deals sound too sweet, there will be a catch (late/no delivery or not in stock but your credit card charged instantly, wrong/mislabled/incomplete product, short/no warranty, huge fees for returned items, high shipping fees eliminating effectively low product price, you name it....

    I'm so sick of these tricks that I'm shopping mostly in local retail only for last 2-3 years. As the other guy said, check for instance; if there is no record, think of it as a bad record (companies DO rename themself if their reputation is well known, and continue to do their crappy business under new names).

    San Jose, CA
  6. Forget about them. They just advertise low prices to make you pay more in warranty, options, etc. Then you pay more than any other "serious" shop. If you want to buy "cheap" go to B&H or Adorama. They are not the cheapest but they offer excellent service.
  7. I just ordered a digital cam corder from them. Before I ordered I called customer service and asked details about what it came with. They gave me all the right answers, so after discussing it with my wife we decided to go ahead and order. Well, for convinience, I ordered on line at their web site. I was contacted by "Drew" in customer service, who, after much discussion, called me a fool for thinking that this camera came in English, that what I was getting was grey market and everthing would be in Japanese! The box would be empty except for the camera, so if I wanted it to work I would have to buy EVERYTHING!!! from them! Or, I could pay an extra $100 for the USA version. Well, I told him that I would have to think about it. Then, I called the sales department and asked about the camera, recording the conversation. I was told that it WOULD be in English, the box would have the usual starter kit (battery, cables, ect.) and that of course it was all in English. I then told him what the customer service rep said. He sounded truly shocked and upset by what he heard. He transferred me to a different Customer service rep. who transferred me back to the one who called me a fool. My "buddy" Drew continued to call me a fool, told me that whoever said differently was a liar, and I canceled my order. Just to be sure, I made sure that he knew I was Recording the conversation got him to then reiterate the fact that I wouldn't be charged knowing that I was recording.
    DON'T DEAL WITH THEM!!! They are All Liar's, Cheaters, Shady dealers, and Rude to you!!
  8. I experienced the same thing. I wanted to buy a digital camera and was told to call customer service before they shipped it out. The same guy Drew told me the battery and charger, which are normally included, was not. He sold me the accessories and tried to sell my a warranty. My total was $300 more than I expected. He made it difficult to cancel my order. I called customer service instead to cancel my order and they said it was cancelled. I also wrote an email to cancel my order. The next day I get an email saying my order was shipped and realized my credit card had been charged $794. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. They are crooks and cheats. I already filed my complaint to the Better Business Bureau and hope others will complain to get this company investigaged and shutdown.
  9. Hello:

    My experience with them is disappointing; very similar circumstances to the previous two comments. I was on the lookout for the least expensive Olympus C5050. After much searching and also bidding on eBay, I found After using the website to order the camera, I was informed that I had to talk to a company representative... Drew.

    I called to confirm and after avoiding his sales pitch for batteries and other accessories, he informed me that it was a refurbished model and that for only $199 more I could get a brand new one. I remained firm and he finally said he would process the order. I called a week later to ask on the status of the transaction - he said it would take from 6 to 8 weeks. While it would still have been a great deal, I figured that something would come up and that I better remove myself from this mess since the only thing I have lost is time. So, I ended the sale. When I did, there wasn't the slightest sales pitch stop me.

    I cannot say for certain that they would not have eventually honored the low price and eventually sent it, BUT my briefest experience with them tells me that they had no real interest in selling me that camera at that price. I hope that helps...

  10. They are scumbags! Too bad people like this cant be put out of busines, bait and switch experts, try to buy something they have in the come on's and they wont have it, they are low life's.
    Too bad the major publications make so much money off of them, they know they are scum bags, but the dollar overrides business practices.
  11. Well, all I can say is "STAY AWAY" from them, they are a nightmare. Like most of us I was looking for a good price in a Nikon D100. They wee the lowest and I thought I would take a chance. Thank God for credit cards!!! I ordered the camera from them and they confirmed the order, but never saying what I was buying or for how much by e-mail. It said to finalize the order I had to call them. So I did :(. So this guy told me he had my order and then proceeded to try and sell me everything under the sun. Charger, batteries lenses etc. All I wanted was the camera body (thats how the D100 sells, since it uses intercahngable lenses. I kept telling him no I wanted to have the camera first, since I wanted to try using my old Nikon leses on it. He finaly said: do you want 3 yeas or 5 years repair insurance? to which I said no I dont want any it comes with a 1 year Nikon warranty. Well he kept telling me how I needed the insurance. I kept saying I didnt want it he started high pressureing me more and more to try and intimidate me. Well I wouldnt give in since the insurance was $200 per year for 3 years so that meant an additional $600. He then started calling me stupid etc etc and said he wouldnt sell me the camera then and hung up on me. Real nasty guy. I guess they post a cheal price and then try to make money on the insurance. May even be out of business a few weeks later and guess where I would have ended up? out of $600. Worst experience I ever had buying online. I immediately called my credit card company and put a hold on any payments or charges for a whil. Wish I had read some reviews and ratings on them first. I ended up going with a nationwide place and payd $250 more but it was well worth it. The camera and lens came 3 days later and I love it :))))
  12. i only wish these experiences could be broadcast all over the web so others could avoid them. i phoned and asked if the unbelievably low $309 price for canon's new powershot a80 included canon usa warranty cards. i was told "yes". i asked how in the world they could sell this camera for nearly $100 less than b&h. they said they have a large stock. so i went ahead with the order. AFTER the guy took all my credit card info, he THEN told me that canon does not sell the camera with a warranty, and if i wanted a warranty i could pay an additional $40 for a 1-year warranty or some other amount for a 3-year warranty. then it dawned on me what they were doing, so i asserted that they must be selling grey-market cameras without usa warranties, then forcing people to pay more for the actual usa cameras. the guy then got rude, telling me i didn't understand what i was talking about and asking if i was going to tell him more things they were doing that i didn't understand. i told him to cancel my order. he hung up with no attempt to get me to buy the camera.
  13. These people are pure scam artists.Their customer service is absolutely disgusting.Rudness is their motto.Check out the better business bureau at have more than 20 filed complaints.
  14. I originally placed an order online for a camera the first part of September 2003. I received a telephone call the next day to confirm my order and offered some additional accessories. I didn’t accept the warranty for additional money. When I didn’t receive my order within 2 weeks, I called to see what was going on. I was told what I had ordered was an overseas model and it would take 3-4 weeks before I should expect delivery. I told them to cancel my order (the price had been reduced by $60) and I wanted to order one at the reduced price. I was told they would honor the reduced price and expect it in 3-4 weeks. Thirty days later my order had not arrived. I called and they couldn’t tell me when it would arrive, but If I purchased the warranty, they would ship a USA model within 2 days. I cancelled my order.
  15. I've heard they are crooks:
  16. Hi All,
    I was recently in NY City so decided to go to their "Store" in Brooklyn.
    Like everyone else I'm looking to save some money on a digital camera and their ads indicate 30% to 40% savings.
    So anyways I decided to go buy the camera by visiting their Store.(I was reluctant to order over the phone because their prices seemed too good to be true). So after spending a day in NY, visited B&H Photo (What a nice store!) decided to got to Digital Liquidators. I had a problem finding their place, didn't seem to exist, but eventually found a small address number (NO NAME ON THE DOOR).
    There is no store, a small hole in a wall warehouse where they have some inventory, I mean very little inventory. I had to ring a buzzer, eventually someone let me in. They informed me that it is not a retail store and couldn't purchase directly and that they are mail order only.
    Their ad seems to suggest otherwise.
    After this experience I decided to not proceed. What they say is true, if it sounds to good it probably is to good to be true.

  17. Very sad, but very true I am sure.

    BUT, why o why o why doesn't everyone and anyone who is even thinking about buying from any of these scam artists simply tell them to ship COD? I would simply tell them to ship COD . Digital Liquidators advertises in photo magazines that they accept COD. If it does not arrive as expeceted then refuse delivery.

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