Anybody know where I can get my 120 film developed in Tacoma, WA?

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by simlponl, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. That's about it. I'd just like to know where I can get my 120 film developed
    as cheaply as possible here in Washington, because I'm new here. Thank you!
  3. If you don't mind crossing the bridge try Pro Photo in Gig Harbor. (

    Three day service in Lab for 120/220 Professional film processing, printing and enlarging and Black and white film processing and printing. (Just pulled this off their website.) I've used them for black and white before I had my darkroom and the work was good.


  4. It used to be Optechs or Glazers for pro stuff, but with shops dropping out of sight, I don't know if they exist anymore.
  5. I almost forgot. You might try Robi's on Gravelly Lake Dr in Lakewood. Give them a call and see if they're still doing 120.

  6. Can't speak to Washington state but in Washington, DC, the local MotoPhoto one-hour shop does 120 in addition to 35. I wouldn't even both to ask at a drugstore one hour or a place at the mall but if you have a decent one hour actually run by a photographer I think a lot of the machines can take 120 even if they don't do a lot of it.
  7. Ivey Imaging, 424 - 8th Ave N., Seattle

    Almost right next to Glazer's.
  8. Speedy 1 Hour Photo processes 120 film. I prefer them over Robi's.
    15018-Pacific Ave.

    I know the name makes one think it's just for the consumers, but he handles a lot of Pro accounts.
  9. If you drop the film at stores, they'll likely mail it somewhere (ask them where). If it's C-41 or E-6 film call Strode-McGowan on St. Helens St. They still processes color film (not b&w anymore), but they plan to discontinue color film in the near future. The best place is Ivey Imaging in Seattle, next door to Glazer's. They provide overnight service.
  10. Hi-Gloss Photo in Tacoma has been in business for over 60 years and develops both b&w and color film and process film for many other stores in this area thar offer those same services. We are open 8:30 to 5 M-F. Our turn around time is usually 1 day. Call at 253-627-4475
  11. Robi's Camera in Lakewood has been doing E-6, C-41, etc. for about 30 years. Cool well-stocked camera store, too.
    Their scanning with developing prices are lower than up north for higher quality at each price level as well.
  12. I have to second Speedy, and preffer them. Hi-Gloss is my second choice, but their color printing sometimes is a little faded. Robi's on the other hand, well I wouldnt use them unless you must. High prices and poor quality. I would rather drive to Seattle.

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