Anybody from Kashmir, India? Or visited over there?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by photoinnature, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. Dear all,
    I have an opportunity to be in New Delhi and am thinking to fly to Kashmir. I can be over there in Kashmir from 17th till 23rd Dec.
    I have no idea and experience at all if this time of the year is good to be in Kashmir.
    I would be grateful if you kindly enlight me in this regard with some details like where I should be in Kashmir and what I can photograph. My basic interest is Landscape Photography though I mostly shoot Wildlife, I love Landscape, Waterfall too.
    Hoping to hear from you soon.
  2. At this time in Kashmir, it will be quite cold and flowers in the gardens will be long gone. I don't think you will find much wild life but you will have beautiful landscapes and waterfalls. The mountains will be snow clad. Dal Lake and Jehlim river are very polluted. For interesting photographs of landscapes and waterfalls, you will need to travel away from Srinagar. Summer is the best time to go there. Have a good trip. Sandy
  3. Thanks Sandy for your reply. At least one person has responded on my thread :)
  4. There are a lot of opportunities for mountains, rural areas, and colorful towns. I was there in October many years ago and had a great time photographing around Srinagar. The Shalimir Gardens were gorgeous at that time. Street photography in Srinagar is good, and the house boats with all their ornate carved wood and lush lake vegetation make good subjects. I shot all B&W, which came out well. We rented a taxi to go over the Himalayas to Ladahk (took 3 days). That's another story, but well worth the trouble for great photos of wild landscapes, Buddhist culture, ancient buildings, Indus plain, etc. Things have changed somewhat since then and some areas probably are no-go because of military conflict. Be careful and have a good trip.
  5. Thanks Jeff for your responce/suggestion.
  6. DSK, sure you will have a great experience in that area specially if you manage to go to Ladak, provided there is no snowfall. Things get pretty murky after heavy snowfall into this area. Also, keep in mind, you will not be able to carry any carry-on bags in flights to and from J&K airports.

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