Anybody familiar with Behind The Shutter Magazine?

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  1. I thought I'd throw out a shout-out to the best publication ever in my last 5 decades of photography. Two of which were as a professional studio. I've learned so much from this top-quality printed subscription in my mailbox and online. Sal Cincotta's Shutter reads like a textbook on the current trends of the business and techniques. Killer tutorials on currently-used software. Sal's contributors are nothing less than stellar. Loaded with proven practical business-sense and technical know-how is the pinnacle of achievement. Cincotta's Shutter Magazine is the eminent killer source for those in or wanting to stay in business. Worth every penny. I have every issue and refer back to them constantly. Behind the Shutter can't be beat!
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  2. Thanks for this reference! I'd never heard of the magazine so I looked up its website. I only very quickly scanned 'the blog' and and the contents page of 1 or 2 past issues but I was impressed by both the quality and the range of topics covered - from professional shoots to post-processing tips and tricks.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the annual $49 'Elite Membership' (=subscription) fee seems to include 12 monthly issues in print (including shipping within the
    US) and full "multi-media" access to past issues on-line. Each issue (including ads) looks to be 100+ pages. The subscription works out at about $4 an issue in the US with on-line access to past issues on-line thrown in. This seems amazing value for money compared to the price of most other magazines! At least here in NL.
    Additional shipping fees do apply to Canada ($50) and International ($60).

    The website also offers a 'Free membership' which allows access to some educational resources on-line and via e-mail. By the looks of things, even non-members can download PDF versions of past issues (now between mid-2016 and mid-2020).And the blog (based on past articles) seems to be freely accessible too.

    In general, I support 'subscribing' to resources that people find valuable rather than just "getting the free stuff". I want to browse through the blog and a few back issues before deciding whether to subscribe or not. Being in Europe, I'd probably opt for a 'digital--only' subscription.


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