Anybody can recommend me really Good printing Lab to make wedding prints

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by romangolubenko, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. I have scanned few forum threads about wedding photography and finally I came to nothing but the mess in my head
    regarding printing services of pictures for wedding album.
    Anybody can recommend me really Good printing Lab to make wedding prints please. I am going to shoot the
    wedding of my good friend and just would like to make really beautiful pictures. Will it be better Idea buy the album
    separately maybe? I prefer to make OLD style album to insert pictures into the matts.
    I would not like to get pale,cropped and/or uncentered pictures ...But who wants:) ?
    Any personal experience with They offer good prices too...
    Another question regarding those BOOK style albums with printed pages: do they use chemistry to print those
    pages or it is kinda inkjet printig process. I would appreciate any suggestions...
  2. Try Millers, MPIX, or WHCC.
  3. WHCC is great for wall prints, album prints, photo books, gallery wraps, etc. and their service is 1st class and includes 2nd Day UPS shipping.
  4. For many years I have been using they have just merged with
    If you like your prints on professional fuji paper, this lab is increadible with excellent turn around times.
  5. I use Studio Logic at - they are great and have a fabulous turn around - awesome support and the studio is owned by a group of wedding photographers - they also do fabulous albums...
  6. Color prints are easy - many choices - Costco uses the high end color printers that some of the smaller pro labs just cannot afford. Go with Costco for color prints. They use top of the line printers from Fuji & Noritsu. Top commercial color printers in the industry.

    B&W is the difficult one. For museum quality there are places like like West Coast Imaging. B&W is really where you need to work with a custom pro-lab.
  7. WHCC hands down. Customer service is impeccable and print quality is great.
  8. Burrell Colour or Costco --depends on the market price of your clients. Today's economy seems to be pushing more B&G towards Costco price least for us.
  9. Mpix for sure! Easy to use site, have everything you need and amazing quality on everything that we've ordered so far..metallic prints, gallery prints etc.
  10. are genius. Their product is gorgeous and they are fast. I've been ordering from them for years and have never had any issues.

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