Any younger Leica photographers here?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by kenny_c, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. Specifically in the Toronto area? Would be nice to know a few around town.
  2. Sorry to be somewhat vague, but I never quite know what the age demographics are like based on the conversations here. I'm in my early 30s, and I'm here assuming am of the younger demographic, unless I'm proven wrong!
    Just curious.
  3. Absolutely. I'm only 51. Not in Toronto though.
  4. huh? missed something here?
  5. My kids do not think early 30s is young. Sorry.
  6. I'm 28, but definitely not in Toronto...
  7. You're all young. But I'm in England!
  8. I'm a mere 59, but a long way from Toronto in SE Texas.
    You're expecting to find two Leica users in the same city??? ;)
  9. 60 is the new 40; 50 is the new 30; 40 is the new 25; 30 is the new 21. As long as you look after yourself. I'm 34 (in actual years, not in 'new' years).
  10. Does 76 count?? I am young at heart.
  11. an R-user which is 20 years old
    btw, just about half a world away from Toronto in Thailand here :)
  12. I'm a youngster who gets a senior discount on haircuts.
  13. Several years ago there were several Lieca users in the Toronto area that frequented this forum. We all met one Saturday afternoon at a downtown pub for a few beers and conversation. (I'm in eastern Ontario). Jack is still hare but I'm not sure about the others. We're all a few years past 30. If the "8 Elm" camera store is still in business you should drop in and ask about younger customers.
  14. I'm 55, but bought my first Leica (an M2) at 17 and have been hooked ever since!
  15. I am 23 by Karim's scale... i.e. a real 36. Bought my first Leica at 28.
    But I am definetely in France.
    Merry Christmas to all,

  16. Am 48, got my first Leica at 40. Does that qualify me? I am not in Canada, but in Florida - plenty of Canadians here.
  17. Judging by most ages here, I would assume early 30s is the young group here... I know a few leica shooters who are in their mid 20s, but it seems rare these days.
  18. Well Kenny, I'm nearby in Windsor. I feel pretty young at 60.
  19. I saw a kid sprinting down the highway in Big Sur not that long ago carrying a large format on a huge wooden tripod. He seemed very enthusiastic.
  20. I'm well off your scale, but a keen Leica photographer, "artist" and gallerist, but do occasionally visit hogtown/Queen city when away from Quebec City and working in Peterborough-Lakefield. I occasionally get my Leica stuff repaired by David Yau of Markham. Don't have his coordinates on tap, but he could probably point you to young photographers who share your interests or have similar college backgrounds in art, as might the people at Vistek.
  21. Jan 9th at Rivoli there will be a bunch of rangefinder shooters meeting up.
    around noon.
    i'm not that young but am in the "hood". you can reach me via my site...
  22. I'm still a student, and I shoot rangefinders. Although I'm in the UK(and can't afford a Leica) it must count for something
  23. Crabby old man here (at 60). I keep promising myself a Leica M someday but for now my dear wife just printed up some Leica red dots on sticky paper and I put them on any camera I'm using. Near Canada but not near Toronto.
  24. i'm 20 with an m6 (ttl), living in ventura( california) for the next 3 years. i also shoot 4x5 (horseman) and 6x6 (rolleiflex) and got a dslr though i'm currently saving up for an M9 to move to leica for good and selling my DSLR, i'm so tired of buttons by now...
    i got my leica surprisingly (i didn't know he had a leica) from a good friend of mine for whom i collected money with my pictures for his charity project in lebanon. it wasn't love on first sight though and it took me about half a year and lots of film to finally get decent shots with the m6 and now i want to move to leica for good :)
    if you're down south hit me up.
  25. Hey Jon, any more details on that RF meetup in Jan?

    Theres absolutely nothing wrong with older leica shooters, you're only as young as you feel. As I usually encounter mostly older folks with leicas, would be a nice change though.. to see some younger Leica shooters out there, where ever they are.
  26. just how young are you, cupcake?
  27. stp


    I'm only 61, and that's not even halfway to 150, so I consider myself quite young. However, I don't own a Leica, although I'd really like to. Yeah, it's a slow day.
  28. i am 34. i shoot a lot with a bessa r rangefinder. my only leitz lens is a 1937 9cm elmar f4. i use that a lot on the rangefinder, with colour and black and white films.
  29. fld


    I would be happy to take pix with a younger Leica if I could afford one, My oldest Leica is a 1931 i(C) so it's older than me!
  30. Since I am in Paris,France, I would have to say that I am pretty far from Toronto and as far as Leica, the only thing I know about them is that they are expensive.
    Age wise, i am 46 but probably think like a 30 year old!!!!physically 20.
    Joyeux Noel , Merry Christmas....
  31. I'm nearly 70, but waiting to grow up. No sliding scale for me, I look and feel my age, just don't act it. M-6 TTL, bought new at beginning of retirement almost ten years ago, sorry I waited so long to buy it, could have been enjoying one long ago. Allow us old folks a little extra time and we'll make the effort to keep up.
  32. I'm 68, live in a small town in Michigan and in the past month have had two people come up to me while I had my M7 around my neck saying they are also Leica shooters. One was much older than I am. Alas, I don't see their work on exhibit.
  33. I'm a few years short of 30 and I've just closed eBay, where I've checked for an M3... Too pricey though. Perhaps next time, when I'm actually 30 :eek:) You know young photographers can't afford a Leica, right? Now it makes sense to me.
    But just today I've seen a guy with a Leica on a shoulder strap and he seemed to be not much older than me. Writing from mid EU btw.
  34. No Leica, but a Bessa R3 which has a VERY noisy shutter!
  35. I'm young too, childish even. I shoot with a leica as i enjoy the subtle 'clunk' it makes when it collides with my spectacles whenever i try to frame a picture. At 56 and so far in reasonable nick...
  36. My IIIf is 57
    My M6 is 24
    I'm somewhere in between :)
  37. i'm 34 and a half, and i'm on my seventh leica
  38. I'm 31, but I know a lot of other film shooters in Reykjavik where I live -- most are in their early twenties. Most of the older people shoot digital. Not many Leicas here though that I have seen.
  39. 40 years old,more than 20 photo active,leica's M's from the beggining (a brief cheating period of Contax G's ) waiting to get my hands on a brand new MP with a 35 1.4 Asph by the end of the week. Sorry living in Greece.
  40. I'm a Leica "wannabe" in Toronto, and I'm in my early thirties. Does that count?
    I'm currently experimenting with a Konica Auto S3.
  41. I wonder if, for most younger gens, the priority is spending $3k+ on digital bodies, while Leica (film) falls into the "spare/film/experiment" budget?
  42. I wonder if, for most younger gens, the priority is spending $3k+ on digital bodies, while Leica (film) falls into the "spare/film/experiment" budget?​
    I picked up the Konica Auto S3 to see if I would enjoy shooting with a rangefinder before spending more on a Leica kit. I admittedly haven't used it that much yet, as I'm much more comfortable with my 35mm film bodies.
    With the used prices of Leica M cameras these days, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase one over a new digital body if I found that the rangefinder is for me.
  43. hey Merry Christmas guys! I've never posted in this forum before, so I hope you don't mind me jumping in! I have a big collection of vintage cameras and use probably 99.99 percent film (35mm and 120) but I've never used a Leica yet...hopefully someday!
    I'm 32, and I'm into a lot of things that most young people would never care about....nearly ALL the film cameras I have now were made decades before I was even born. (The "newest" film camera I have is a Kodak 110, probably made in the late 70's or early 80's and even it's almost older than me.) I also have a collection of antique 8mm movie cameras, and I do shoot with them sometimes as a hobby...and even watch the movies on a projector! I also just recently got into using slide film, and I just bought my first slide projector on eBay recently.
    To the OP...yeah, early 30's is young. Even when I was a kid, I never thought 30 was that old. I remember when I was about 15 or 16, I used to hang around one of my neighbors and some of his friends...he was about 31 I think, and he still seemed young to me at the time. I used to ride my bike everywhere, and I went on a couple of trips with some of his friends and his girlfriend. They were a big mix of ages, most of them would have been like in their late 20's and early 30's and none of them seemed that old to me. Yeah, I knew they were adults of course but I knew they were young and of course definitely a lot younger than my parents! lol
    And that would have been around we're not talking about the beaver cleaver 1950's here. We had computers, video games, everything, and I got on the internet less than a year later. (While I was still in high school, I snuck into a computer lab at the university with some friends and went into a chat room.) Sorry...I'm getting off the topic now.
  44. Off topic but somewhat still relevant, I'm 34... had a classic M6, sold it for awhile... and bought back a M6TTL in chrome... theres just something about chrome cameras... but like I said... I'm 34 and still into biking, fixies and such... video games... etc. I do think the younger leica shooters don't really stumble upon ranger finders until a later age though... and late 20s early 30s sounds about right!
  45. I live in Philly PA and am 25 shoot with a m4-p and 35mm summilux asph and now a M9 too. Toronto isn't too far off I am always up for a photo journ....
  46. I think you'll have more success Kenny if you put Toronto in your headline. I'm the "Jack" in John Boyle's post (I think). There might be a lurker or two-Matt M. for example. Ron Bose, ; Karim-I bought his printer.They were the younger fellers: 30s, maybe 40s. One of 'em went Nikon D on us (hiss).
    It's amazing the changes & ups & downs I've seen in this forum since I joined 7 years ago.
    BTW, I'm old-chronologically.
  47. The whole conversation becomes interesting.Film and rangefinders (both need a certain level of expertise,a commitment,in order to master) versus Digital SLR's.I would like to contribute a thought.The young generation has through digital tecnology an option to take a shortcut compared to mine.No need to go through zone system,complicated techniques,just shoot and postproduce.Worked last year for the first and last time using digital cameras and what came out was quite interesting yet strange,it was riot shooting yet in the end I felt like someone else was shooting the whole thing.Rangefinder film shooters are becoming a minority (in a way they always were), yet I believe that it worths the trouble,a leica M will always be a leica M,tough demanding lover,but when she delivers it makes it worthwile!!
  48. Hello and Merry Christmas to all.
    I am 40, user since '00, but this is my first post in forums here.
    After so many years (1992-present) with Nikon, Olympus and (primarily) Canon film & DSLRs, I am in the process of switching to the rangefinder camp... (a move I should have done much earlier).
  49. I’m a 21 year old lesbian in my dreams and have recently switched to the Leica M series of cams from Canon. I’m proud to say I have a m9, m8, m7, m6, m4p, m3, m2 with a very nice selection of lenses. I get so excited owning these fine instruments of perfection that I often take them to bed for a kiss and cuddle and a healthy thrash around the four posts. A camera is for life which can only be a Leica, which is built not just for the now, but when I shed my mortal coil to take to my place among the divine..
    So, my fellow Leica people lift up your voices and give praise, for he has not just given us little Green Apples and rain in Indianapolis but also the Leica M.
  50. I'm nineteen and have been shooting with two Leica M3's (left to me in my inheritance) for two years now. They're the most beautiful objects in the world! I collect whatever unusual cameras I can find for cheap, but always go back to my m3's for shooting. Unfortunately, I'm on the other side of Canada. But we do exist!
  51. Allen, have you seen "Vicky Christina Barcelona" by Woody Allen.....?
  52. Both my daughters, now ages 29 and 32, have used both my Leica rangefinder and SLRs. Neither my daughters nor my wife have any real interest in photography except when one of the Leica shots is exceptional or they want family pictures. All three are point and shoot digital users. I was given a IIIg with an Elmar 50 2.8 many decades ago for my 21st birthday and still have and use it along with other Leica gear I've acquired over the years. I'm in Meadville, PA and have spent time shooting in Toronto. Yonge Street is a great place to shoot in spring and summer as there is so much going on outside and I plan to go back this summer.
  53. I am 40 year old M1 user. I bet that I am different. Not in Toronto though.
  54. i'm also 34 and use several Ms plus a couple of the leica-sonics. like you, i'm still into video games and mountain biking. i'm also into travelling, food, english literature, music and movies. i'm nowhere near canada though. i usually find myself in the australasia / pacific regions as i constantly move around throughout the year. in asia, most everyone these days walk around with an SLR camera especially people closer to my age. if there's not a lot of leicaphiles your age in your region, i'd guess there's even fewer here.

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