Any X100 users out there? Are you enjoying it?

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  1. I bought the X100 on speculation a couple weeks ago. So far I am loving it and the Nikon P7000 is about to go out the window. Literally. The X100 is so much better, and really not much larger than the P7000. My Nikon D700 is being left at home for the time being! There is a lot to learn with this camera. In-camera black and white conversion is pretty good too.
    I only with the X100 had the orange LED that lights up on the P7000 when the +/- dial is turned out of the '0' position. That has been an issue one time...
    Anyone else out there using X100's? It's been pretty quiet on regarding this camera.
    And I didn't post this in the Leica and Rangefinders forum as the X100 is not a rangefinder...
    Here are a couple X100 photos I've taken recently:
  2. There was a lot of discussion for awhile on the Leica/rangefinder forum, but it went dead as a doorknob for whatever reason. I think this camera appeals more to that group of photographers than any other, especially run and gun DSLR shooters.
    I've had mine for about a month or so, but using it limitedly because I have yet to receive filter/hood adaptor which is "in the mail." I did take it on a vacation to Florida about two weeks ago and was very, very impressed with it once I got everything set for my liking. It seems to have images as good or better than my Nikon D300 and sure as hell is a lot lighter to carry around. Just so happens that the 35mm range is my favorite and how my eye sees things so their choice to go with that focal length was icing on the cake for me.
    I did manage to lose the charger and a battery while on vacation though, but have ordered another one from another company for about third the price of the Fuji product and it should arrive any day now. Why they put that long cord with that battery charger beats me. And you would think it would make it impossible to lose, but no-o-o-o ... not when you are traveling with three women and all their plug-in devices.
    Anyway, I love the camera, especially the viewfinder and need only to swap out the plastic strap to be a 100 percent happy camper.
  3. I got mine with the filter adapter, and bought the Pentax 40mm f2.8 Limited hood, which screws into the 49mm filter thread. This is a good lens hood as it doesn't interfere with the viewfinder like a normal hood would. Now I need to find a cap to fit over it.
    I agree the charger should have had the built-in power prongs, as the charger for the Nikon P7000 does.
    I love the viewfinder, and appreciate having an EVF when I need super accurate framing.
    This is straight from camera, taken today:
  4. LITERALLY out the window? ;-)
  5. I think that a lot of people don't literally mean "literally." Which is fantastically ironic, but there you have it!

    Dave: not a single regret about the locked-in focal length? That part gives me pause, just a bit.
  6. Matt, I actually found that I used the P7000 most of the time at the widest focal length, 28mm. Zooming in would only happen to get a more normal perspective. Using the entire telephoto zoom on the camera (200mm) rarely ever. I zoom with my feet with the X100. I like the compact size and the f2 lens speed, though I rarely need to shoot at f2 as of yet. But when I have, image quality is still superb.
  7. Dave:
    If the pentax hood is the same as mine, it takes a 30.5mm cap. I just searched Amazon and found one:
    I really like my X100.
    Matt, I can't speak for Dave, but I don't have a single regret having a compact digital with a fixed focal length. I had compact cameras in the days of film with 35mm lens. I wouldn't suggest buying the X100 as an only camera, but for what it does, it does quite well, and there's nothing I know about in the same class and price range. When Fuji first announced this, it was like they were reading my mind. This is the digital camera I've been wanting for a while.
  8. Awesome camera, a digital Hexar! There is allot of discussion about it on RFF. I learned several good focussing set-up
    tips there. I also learned how to ditch the long cord for the battery charger there too - go to cyberguys and order a
    right angle plug adaptor. Unfortunately the shipping cost more than the adaptor, so I bought two! Did mention -
    awesome camera!
  9. Jim, some good tips. For the most part I think the AF is fine, I'm not into using manual focus on it yet. And the cord isn't so bad either, I can use the same cord for the X100 charger and my Nikon D700 charger, so I just interchange them when needed. I still think the AF could be a bit faster, I suspect the M9 is (it'd better be, it costs and arm and a leg!).
  10. Dave, the M9 is a manual focus rangefinder so how fasts it focuses is up to the user not some computer chip and the software working it.
  11. Silly me, the M9 has no AF. I knew that, but brain fart got me.
  12. I've been enjoying mine. I used it on a recent cruise to Alaska. The single focal length is not a problem at all if you understand the fact that you have a single focal length. Here is one shot:
  13. In spite of its idiosyncrasies the X100 is absolutely outstanding but you have to love 35mm primes and you have to know what you are doing too otherwise you'll hate it. Just off on holiday to Ireland now with it (along with D700 & F6 - that I don't expect to use too much) and will be doing lots of long exposure shots with it so am curious to see how they turn out.
  14. A bit late, but for Dave who uses a Pentax 40/2.8 hood as the shade, you should be able to use a Fuji (total coincidence) film container cap nicely on the shade.
  15. the Nikon P7000 is about to go out the window. Literally.​
    Can you let me know when so I can walk past and catch it?!
  16. I've had this camera from just about the launch date. I love it. Fixed lens is not an issue, nor is the auto focus speed. My D700 & D7000 have been gathering dust since I bought this camera. don't think I'll chuck them out the window though.
    I have the genuine lens hood and am disappointed that this can be seen through the optical viewfinder. Once the set up was customised, I never found the firmware to be as bad the the bloggers suggested either.
    I love this camera. It has brought a level of enjoyment back to me in photography that I haven't had in decades.
    I'll probably get the wide angle adapter soon too.

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