Any user comments on the Leica R 19mm f2.8 (second model) lens?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by vick_ko, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Any user comments on the Leica R 19mm f2.8 (second model) lens?

    I can't find a lot on the web.
    It looks like an interesting lens, and might be fun to use on an SLR, saving the peculiarities of using an auxiliary finder.
    The f2.8 speed looks appealing, and it is nicely into the super-wide angle range.
    Not too expensive either, considering that it is Leica glass.
  2. What info are you looking for? It's excellent, in both colour and B&W. They're not that cheap though, they generally sell for around US $1,500 used, unless prices have dropped lately. The first version is about half that, they're very different lenses - the first has a classic look, the 2nd is a technically improved lens with a modern character.
    There are some examples of the second version on my flickr -
  3. Thanks Geoff.
    Yes, I agree with your comments.
    Not an easy lens to find used.
  4. It is being used by those of us who want a good UW for use on their Canon FF digitals, so is in even shorter supply than might be expected.
  5. On Canon 5D or 5D mk2, you would need to shave either the Canon mirror or the lens rear shroud. It's very sharp in center and is soft in extreme corners. I sold my Zeiss 21mm ZE after having this lens. Both are superb. I just prefer Leica's rendering and color gradation better. Interesting my Leica copy is sharper than Zeiss 21mm at center f2.8 -- this is contrary to most reports I saw on Internet. I think it flares easier than Zeiss though.

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