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  1. I changed my pet photography website a little while ago but I am sure there are things that I could do to make improvements. I am thinking of maybe changing the web galleries to something other than flash galleries generated in Lightroom, so any suggestions would be good. But I would love to know what other suggestions/observations the good PN people might have generally. Thanks all.
  2. Karen:

    One huge plus in my book is the lack of music. Site looks nice, loads fairly quickly even for a flash-heavy site and that's great. The only change I'd like to see would be bigger versions available of the photos in the galleries. Right now when I click one of the photos in the portrait gallery for example all that happens is that the slideshow advances one step. Being able to see these photos bigger would be nice, IMHO.
  3. Overall your site is good. Love the name.
    Your logo needs work.
    Take of "photography" from the logo
    Take of "home" and have your logo link to home.
    Take of "gallerie" and have "pawtraits" and " Annie and Fergie" on top. (and any other galleries in the future)
    Move "Info" "About" "dogblog" down to the footer. Dog blog is a good name not as great as Ruff prints. Work on that.
    Move "© all images and words copyright Karen Francis, ruff prints photography" to your about page.
    I also would take of all the copyright info off the photography.
    Most importantly, your photography needs to be edited down more. Its not working.
    Let me know. I would like to continue helping you.
  4. Hi Mikael, thanks for your ideas. I always have mixed feelings about using large images for various reasons and maybe my thoughts are changing on that.
    KahHoe, that's quite a list and I appreciate you taking the time. Can I ask why you think the copyright should be removed from the images? and it would be good if you can elaborate on your last point.
  5. sure
    For one its distracting to see it in each and every one of your images. Either way if one really wanted to use your image they can just crop off your copyright info from the bottom
    Two, putting it on is amateurish. The professional way to do it is to put it somewhere in your about page and put your contact info on the metadata. Would be a problem because your site is flash base. Most importantly registers your copyright images. Button line if people want to really use your image make sure you can be reached.
    Three, Photography is art nothing should ever be written on in. Exceptions are when it is done for art sake.
    Your photography- on the surface
    Not only are some of the images duplicates in composition, there is no consistency to your images. Some images are black and white some are sepia. color tones and contrast are off . It doesn't flow well and is not pleasing to the eye.
  6. email me, if you want a bit more privacy.
  7. KahHoe, your explanation is helpful. Many thanks.

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