Any Softbox like this for my Speedlite 270EX II?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by jamespfrank, Oct 24, 2015.

    Or do you think this would fit fine? The head on the 270EXII is a little bit smaller then the regular Speedlites by Canon.
  2. I've used a number of different flash diffusers in the past but since getting a Demb years ago I don't even consider using any of the others. Much easier to use, more flexible and takes up less space. (A bonus is it should fit just about any flash unit.)
  3. James... greetings...
    I work my portrait sessions with the Photoflex XS litedomes, but using small studio setting with lights on light stands.

    The Lite Dome Have worked well for what I do... Now, another options are the on-camera flash diffusers.. like


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