Any small automatic flash gun for Minox LX ?

Discussion in 'Minox' started by jack_mcqueen, Apr 18, 1999.

  1. Any one know is there any small but automatic electronic flash gun
    to use with Minox LX ? The small Minox flash has only an on off switch, there is not
    other control.
    What is the smallest flash gun with a light sensor at front plus a ASA dial ?
  2. Yes,there is a flash gun out there,with a sensor.It is the ACMEL
    strobe,it looks like the one made for the new Minox MX,only it is
    restyled.Using the Minox adaptor,I use it on my Minox B.The sensor
    allows you to shoot anywhere between one foot to twelve with 100
    asa,and a bit further with 400.It takes a larger than usual
    battery,readily available,and it goes on and on,rapid recycling!!!
    Trust me,it is excellent.You might even be able to use it off
    camera,with extension cable.
    Good luck.

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