ANY Scenic places in Michigan for my wedding pictures?

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  1. I need help finding really nice places to take my wedding pictures in
    Michigan. I live in Royal oak and will be around West bloomfield area.
    Please if anyone has any suggestions for places I would really
    appriciate it. Nature would be nice or something romantic or water
    (maybe a really nice Park). I am really LOST!!! My wedding is in
    October and so maybe that will help considering the weather and etc.
    thank you sooo much.

  2. Is your photographer working with you on this?
    I'm the kind of photographer that would love to just go downtown Royal Oak and go nuts. Or sitting at the counter at National Coney Island eating chili dogs and sipping shakes. Shooting pool in Mr. B's? That would be fun.
    Is there enough time to head to Belle Isle?
    For that matter, I would love to take a Bride and Groom behind Munising Falls for some shots. But that's a longer drive.
    Then again, you did open it up to all of Michigan.
    Check out the Picture Michigan website for some ideas if you are open to all of Michigan. Plus, we do wedding photography too! That is, of course, if you have not yet arranged for a photographer, and we're available for your big day.
  3. Cranbrook in Bloomfield (a few short minutes from West Bloomfield) You will need to get permission to shoot there, but it is incomparable architecturally, and has expansive gardens unequalled in that area. Massive expanse of grounds with world class sculpture. Cranbrook is also home to one of the world's leading art schools. I shot there twice last year, including in October, and it was breathtakingly beautiful.
  4. Mill Race Historical Village in Northville. I've done a few weddings and portraits there. And it's really beautiful there in the fall!

    Melany Hallgren
  5. The Van Hoosen farm in Rochester would not be far from you.

    There are excellent spots around the farm--bridges, a couple of streams, a gazebo, some groovy stone fences and buildings. I've done 2 weddings out there and it worked out well.

    Rochester's main park off downtown Rochester has great possibilities.

    Others have mentioned Cranbrook and Northville. Both good locations. Cranbrook is really great with infinite possibilities, but, as Marc says, you have to get permission and pay to use the facilities. There are some interesting smaller parks around Southfield, too. Downtown Birmingham would be great.

    If you don't have a photographer yet, check my website at I still have openings in October. What date is your wedding scheduled for?
  6. Hi Sally! Congrautulations on your upcoming wedding! Isn't fall gorgeous here in Michigan? We are definitely fortunate to have such natural beauty everywhere. Here are some suggestions (some duplicated from above, with links for quick info). I would definitely suggest calling whatever location you chose 2-4 weeks before your wedding just to make sure that you won't be intruding on another wedding that has potentially paid for use of the location.

    Cranbrook House & Gardens, Bloomfield Hills
    Excellent landscaping and interesting architecture throughout campus. For more privacy, head to the Oriental Gardens and the Greek Theatre. The Cranbrook House, Art Museum, and Science Center are heavily visited.

    Mill Race Historical Village, Northville
    A turn of the century style village in a park setting with a quaint buildings including a chapel, and nicely landscaped areas around a river and bridge.

    Heritage Park, Farmington Hills
    The Nature Center in the park is an old tudor rival style home with interesting backgrounds of forest and prarie and nicely manicured gardens. A large red farmhouse sits on top of a hill overlooking a large pond complete with windmill.

    Long Family Orchard, Commerce Twp.
    Since October is apple season, an apple orchard could make a very romantic backdrop. You may even be able to arrange a special hay ride around the farm. Chris and Rob Long are wonderful people and they love having special guests. Plus, their cider and doughnuts make an awesome pre-reception snack.

    Belle Isle, Detroit
    For water and romance, I don't think much else compares to the Golden Age beauty of Belle Isle. The conservatory makes a beautiful architectural and garden backdrop any time of year, but the large willow trees that can be found all over the island near the water are very romantic. The large fountain is a main attraction and many romantic wedding pictures have been captured there. For shadows and softly lit arches, head to the Casino for a more dramatic look.

    Edsel & Eleanor Ford House, Grosse Pointe Shores
    Also designed during the Golden Age, this historic mansion is one of the few in the area that actually backs up to a large body of water (Lake St. Claire). The grounds are beautiful and covered with large trees that would make a beautiful backdrop in the fall. The architecture would add a grand feeling to the background of your pictures, and there's plenty of water to walk along.

    Detroit Area Metroparks
    Many of the Metroparks are either on water, or have a major water feature in the park. Stony Creek and Kensington have some of the most diverse backgrounds.

    Well, there are many more and I've even left out some of my favorite places because they are more than 30 minutes out of your way. The less time you spend driving to the location you'd like your pictures to be taken, the more time you'll have to just relax and have fun taking pictures. I wish you the best of everything on your wedding day!!
  7. Sally, sounds like you have some great suggestions from the Detroit-area members. I live on the other side of Michigan, north of Grand Rapids, so if you end up out this way, feel free to drop me an email! My husband and I had an October wedding and it was definitely the right decision. The fall colors were incredible! Best wishes and congratulations on your upcoming wedding.
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