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  1. My questions were the offering of an alternative viewpoint and the potential opening of a dialogue about your photo. One of the reasons I love sharing my photos is that I can be offered viewpoints I might not have considered or, even if I have, I appreciate hearing where other people land when they look at photos I present. Street photography can be very much real life, which your photo is. Real life comes with differing perspectives, and differing interpretations of a photo can offer an opportunity more than just an argument.
  2. P1110658 1.jpg
    Henry Chavez - A Smile
  3. I agree and am certainly willing to consider that I, too, am capable of projecting. I try to be at least that self aware. I get suspicious, though, of those who aren't willing to consider that possibility for themselves.
    I'm not going to be led around in my aesthetics or interpretative capabilities by google searches. I have better places to learn about visual archetypes. What may seem like an archetype to one might be a pathos-laden caricature to another ... and, to many, might be somewhere in between.
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  4. Good grief.
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  5. Capn' Hook.jpg OK, here we go. I'm trying to get some practice in being un-noticed during candid street portraits, in anticipation of a "La Ruta Maya" overland trip to Guatemala during summer or fall,2020. My camera is a Nik D60 and I'm trying out the 18-200 lens. I know much better equipment is available, but I'll be limited to one body, one lens. The following images are from a "tianguis" (street marlet) in Port Isabel, Texas - November and December, 2019. View attachment 1321750 View attachment 1321751
  6. I don't always photograph from a distance. I mix it up a bit. I enjoy approaching interesting looking people and engaging them. Nine times out of ten they let me photograph them and the results seem to always reflect our positive. albeit short, relationship. I like photographing from a distance when life is just happening and my being noticed would interfere. Once I am spotted the moment is gone.
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  7. Busker, Farmer's Market, Dallas
  8. IMG_0028.jpeg

    Bisbee Arizona
  9. Gorgeous lighting, colors and 'atmosphere' in this photo @petera(downunder)! Congrats! The blurry person bottom-right is part of the scene so keeping him/her in the photo keeps it authentic. I just want to mention that - if you so chose - someone could IMHO probably 'Photoshop' the blurry person out. There's a reddit forum where people (including myself from time to time) do this kind stuff for free. If you're interested, PM me. But the photo is great as it is!

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  10. Fuji X-E3 18mm/F

    DSCF1996 1.jpg
  11. Fuji X-E3 18mm/f

    DSCF1860 1.jpg

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