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  1. Wow.!
    Where and what is that.?
    thank you
  2. From a few years ago, so not that recent.

    flash at night whoop-whoop-38-daniel-d-teoli-jr-mr.jpg
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  3. Thanks! It's a mural on a downtown Reno parking garage.
  4. Oh...OK.
    I am, somewhat, familiar with Reno. I have never seen that however.
    Is it relatively new.?
    I assume it is Near/On Eldorado/Silver or Harrahs.?
  5. Flea market, Port Isabel, Texas, 11/3/19. Nikon D60/16-80 lens. Candid street portrait. Flea Market.jpg
  6. Click this: Link

    The artist is Christina Angelina, and is so talented.
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  7. "You could maybe cut the picture in 2, then enlarge. We'll then see the cute dogs closer...."Claude.

    I could, but that would be your take on the photo, not mine.

    Not just about cute dogs, but maybe another measure of thought.
  8. There is always room for one more :)

  9. Do not know how i missed this shot..... it is quite humorous.
    I cannot even remember the last time i saw one of those Phone "Booths" :)
  10. It's from Nogales Arizona. Some great old buildings there along with a still busy F.W. Woolworth.
  11. Wow..... Really.?
    Didn't they dissolve 15-20 years ago.?
  12. Yes generally, but in Mexico all's based on need and being practical, I'm certain there's an explanation but in Nogales you'd likely have to 'know someone' to get an answer.

    Here's a Flickr page on it: Nogales, AZ F.W. Woolworth
  13. Oh Wow..... I dig all that old signage and stuff.!
    Thank You :)
  14. Local street market

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  15. P1011131.jpg
    By Henry Chavez - Linear Despair
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  16. Can despair be sometimes projected? Had this been an unknown white man dressed similarly, would despair be as likely to be read into it? Could it just be pensive? Might it be up to the viewer?
  17. Your questions are a veiled incitement to an argument. I will not engage with you.
  18. I have always thought it was, kind of, silly to name a picture, but.....i would think that any skin color in similar clothes and similar looking scenario would be "Judged" to be in some kind of a less than happy situation.

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