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  1. Woman cleaning the streets of Yangon

  2. The breakfast is ready

  3. Wow..... i do not think you could stage a photo this well.
    Which is exactly why Street/Candid photos are so nice to look at. :)
  4. First of all I would not dream about staging my photos at country side, they just happened to be there, when I passed, so I just walked back. Very often when the children see a foreigner out there they run away calling some adults. Unfortunately some child trafficking takes place here, but I have a chance with my camera, as I do not look Chinese!!
  5. Shoeshine boy cleaning his feet instead of shoes

  6. "Wow..... i do not think you could stage a photo this well" denny.

    Obviously Eric is all about posing photographs. Only kidding.

    It is obvious to me they a natural candid street photography.
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  7. I never said he staged That Photo or any other.......
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  8. Just pulling your leg, mate.

  9. we just take a pho for breakfast

  10. only a few family photos per year are staged based on several requests :):)
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  11. You could maybe cut the picture in 2, then enlarge. We'll then see the cute dogs closer....
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  12. I have some fried banana for you

  13. The asymmetrical composition as is works here. The photo has more narrative this way. Post processing to better showcase the dogs and separate then from her coat could accomplish much.
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  14. You didn’t.

    Nevertheless, “All the world’s a stage” and that’s part of why street photography can be so great. A photographer who can stage a great photo has nothin to shy away from. Directing situations or moments are acts of creation every bit as vital as knowing when to push the shutter.
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  15. [​IMG]
    Reno • ©Brad Evans 2019

  16. Damn Brad.

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