Any Other Expensive Hobbies?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by stephen_w., Sep 10, 2003.

  1. To me, Leica photography is not an expensive hobby if one doesn't buy
    new and/or on impulse. I can sell any piece of my gear at break
    even, at least; don't even mention inflation or the stock market. My
    pic shooting is expensive depending on how much I shoot

    If I had a permanent home, the Porsche would be one hobby I'd like to
    explore. I am into cars.

    My stereo was expensive on entry, but is cheap considering I bought
    it 15-16 years ago. But got expensive yesterday with the $650
    cartridge I just got from epay. But, I expect 15 more years of use.

    My target shooting is expensive depending on how much I shoot (same
    as above).

    My bike is expensive as I built it piecemeal; can't get $500 for it
    today. As an ongoing expense, it's cheap. I do my own maintenance.
  2. No, not really. When starting a family 2 years back, I scaled down all my other areas of interest and focused on photography, but I do have a interested in mechanical (Swiss) watches, cars, and art & design in general. I have given up on expensive hifi systems (sold off my Bryston amp after only playing Baby Mozart on it for a year...), dreams of extensive world travel, mountain biking, downhill skiing, scuba diving etc, philosophy.

    Family is my number 1, 2 and 3 priority.
  3. I've been thinking about a new hobby. Well, an extension of the Leica fixation, actually - Leica shots from space.

    All I need to do is save up the $20 million or so to pay the Russians for the ticket. Any suggestions on how to accellerate that process? I've thought about one of those beggar web sites - something like, but begging is soooo tacky. ;-)
  4. my investments with nortel and martha stewart have proved to be costly :)

    guitars are pretty expensive, but like the leica, you can usually make back what you put into your purchase if you have top notch stuff.

    am thinking of getting into hang gliding. that's very expensive when you look at the courses and licensing and hours of flying you need plus the purchase of a rig. may have to hold out on that one a little longer.

    on the other hand, i have quite the pog collection, maybe those are worth something?
  5. really do it to the hobbies! I too sold an expensive stereo because, as Patrick mentioned, it was mostly playing sleepytime music. Still, we replaced it with one of the Bose wave radio/CD players and it gives damned good sound for so small a package. The Alfa Romeo and Jetta have given way to a mini-van, and with good paperbacks now ranging upto $25.00, our library (we are both voracious readers) is growing at a much slower pace. Luckily I have all the camera gear I need so all I buy are expendables now. That and my wifes art (she paints) supplies ae about it.
  6. My espresso machine was expensive on purchase and is expensive to on an ongoing basis. Same for my appriciation of fine single malt scotch, fine wines and cigars. DVD and stereo off course, but with KAZAA the ongoing expense their has reduced considerably. Other then that I'm not to bad I think.

    I also now committed to only buying limit myself in my expenditure to Leica and Hasselblad and have so far managed to stay away from digital. That is a serious money pit.

    Even my previous lusting for the always having the fastest PC possible has gone away and I have now managed for the last 4years with one PC and still see no need to upgrade.

    Even in photography I'm now pretty happy with what I've got and my wanted list has no more must have items. (M2, M7, 35cron, 50lux, 50cron, 90TE, 503CW, 500CM, C 80mm and CF 150mm). Next purchase would have to be a heiland splitgrade with a leitz V35 enlarger.
  7. Fountain pens, snowboarding, Videography, rock climbing (okay that one isn't that expensive), and movie watching.

    Pretty easy to tell that I'm young, unmarried, and childless huh?
  8. Just trying to live under the Bush administration has become an expensive hobby, not by choice but by circumstance.
  9. Horses. Not my hobby, my daughter's:
    [​IMG] $thousands to purchase, $hundreds each month, plus vet bills, farrier, fence repairs... good thing we board other people's horses too.
  10. i don't think i'll have kids. although that could limit the wife selection. guess i'll have to stay a bachelor *sigh*
  11. Home theater is in place, Canon GL2 for videography, books, travelling (not so much lately, plan to change that), Leitz V35 darkroom, but really not too many expensive hobbies. I like to keep things simple and concentrate on what I'm doing.
  12. Matt, what's a pog?

    Bob, I want your Alfa. I've loved Alfa's since when in the mid-70's I had the chance to buy a '67 spider veloce boat tail for $2000.

    Vic, does it matter who's in the White House?

    Doug, what if farrier, food?
  13. No, I don't have any other expensive hobbies! My small but growing collection of user Leica cameras and lenses has taken a sizeable chunk of the kids' college fund! :)
  14. Bahhaha, POGS!

    I missed that the first read through.

    Hey Matt, I'll trade you my Pokemon cards for your pogs.
  15. My hobbies tend to become obsessions, so I select carefully
    these days.

    Being from Detroit, I first drag raced cars with huge engines and
    puny brakes. It went all the way up to built Porches. That is until a
    cement truck piled into the rear end of the 911 I was driving when
    it couldn't stop for a fire engine as quickly as I could (should have
    stuck with the puny brakes). Exit hot cars.

    For thirty years I studied and taught Isshinryu Karate. That led to
    breaking every finger and toe, bleeding shins, a split sternum,
    and today, the knees of a 90 year old quarterback. Exit Karate.

    I also painted like a maniac while holding down a big job in
    advertising. That led to a sleep schedule even Edison would
    have whinced at...and Thalo Blue stained hands during a
    meeting with the President of Ford Motor Company. Exit painting.

    Today, I collect doctors to medicate all the ills collected in my

    Oh, yea, through all of the above there was photography. It hasn't
    tried to kill me yet, so it's still around.
  16. Doug, what is farrier, food?
    The farrier is the lady (in our case) who trims hooves and fits shoes on them; every 4 to 6 weeks.
  17. josh root,

    your on! i've even got a special edition wayne gretzgy hockey pog. do you have picachu #334 in your collection? if so you can have my darth vadar #7 pog and slammer pack....and it's even un opened.

    oh yeah...i seriously do have a ren and stimpy comic book collection. almost every comic they put out, i've got. remember those two? great show! (the originals that is, not the new mtv junk)
  18. Ham (amateur) radio, but all that gear is already bought, so just the price of electricity.<p>
    Target shooting, but all the guns are already bought, and any new ones that I would want are illegal in California.<p>
    A 1981 DeLorean that’s not cost me much yet to keep running….(fingers crossed) :-( <p>
    Love to get the passport stamped, but it will be two years since, come November. Trying to talk the Wife into a Europe trip next year to see a Formula-1 race.<p>
    Would love one day to get into top-end hi-fi gear, and collect another Rolex/Omega or two.<p>
    And the most expensive one of all….
    <img src =><p>
    Well, to be honest, she’s not costing that much yet ;-)
  19. Steve...regrettably the Alfa is already gone :-( It was a fully restored 1969 1750 GTV (the sweet little 2 door coupe - the prettiest of all Alfa's in my opinion). It had been a factory GT3 racer in Italy in the 70's and it was fast. Okay...I need a big scotch now!!
  20. ok, i've gotten a couple mails asking about pogs. they originally were the caps on old milk bottles. now a game.

    for rules:

    some pictures:


  21. Funny. I just got back from putting my 1973 911TTarga on an enclosed
    transporter to California. Sold it after owning it for 25+ years. Had to cut down
    somewhere and it was easier to sell the 911 than some Leicas. Sad and glad
    to see it go. John Fulton, Fort Worth.
  22. Josh:
    <<Fountain pens, snowboarding, Videography, rock climbing (okay that one isn't that expensive),>>

    Unless you slip ;>)

    <<and movie watching.
    Pretty easy to tell that I'm young, unmarried, and childless huh?>>

    Or in the thick of a midlife crisis.

    <<My hobbies tend to become obsessions>>

    I'm there.

    <<Being from Detroit, I first drag raced cars with huge engines and puny brakes.>>

    There too. Ink not yet dry on my license. Canary-yellow '71 Nova SS 350 4bbl 4.11 posi rear 4-sp Hurst. Toggle switch under the dash so the cops on Woodward wouldn't see my brake lights.

    <<Today, I collect doctors to medicate all the ills collected in my youth.>>

    There too. Plus a few that have more to do with age than youth ;>)

    <<My target shooting is expensive depending on how much I shoot>>

    If you were a better shot you wouldn't have to shoot so much ;>)
  23. Marc,

    Was the karate for self-defense, or just for physical fitness? If for the latter, the outcome was ironic. If for the former, did you ever have to, you know, beat somebody up and yell at the same time?

    I was getting into restoring old cars until I realized how much time it was burning up. It's as bad as darkroom work, which is saying a lot.
  24. one really similar to photo-leica-dom is my seasonal obsession with vintage tube guitar amps, which should be starting up in the next month or so and go through april -- seattle winters are long and dark! really really similar actually to leica-ism. analog, expensive to maintain, millions of almost insignificant nuances. i play and need(!) every amp i own, nothing just for show. one interesting difference is that i can build an amp, where i couldn't build a leica. pinhole yes. but even with two expensive hobbies i feel like i'm off the hook pretty easily compared to porsches, horses etc.
  25. [​IMG] My hobby IS having expensive hobbies ;))..... Seriously though, i buy used stuff -like Steve- and if i dont like it i sell it again and generally break even, somtimes i win some other times i lose some. I have a craving for old and high quality stuff, and to a degree i collect too, but always to use otherwise i sell it again. My main hobby has always been playing guitar, i buy dropped or otherwise *inoperative* guitars and fix them. Guitars are the most wonderfull things to work at IMO. Creativity is not something i have a chance to express in my work so guitar playing and photography are my outlets so to speak........
  26. Marc/Jay,

    I'm from A2 and my first ride was the 1968 Mustang Fastback, 289 H.O., Hurst, bought for $600, wrecked by an unlicensed drunk.

    "If you were a better shot you wouldn't have to shoot so much"

    NRA four position expert badge at 14. One usually participates in activities one does well = fun. So, it's the inverse, Jay. I shoot more because I shoot well. I bike more because I'm fast = fun. I swim less because I sink more. 8*)
  27. Josh: Rock climbing inexpensive? When I did that 20 years ago before my tendons said "remember when you made us let you grab things you couldn't even see now? We're gonna get even..." shoes were $60 to $100 and ropes and hardware...yipe! Plus ropes and slings need to be replaced often. Still have a pair of manky EBs though. Got the Olympus XA for a climbing camera, couldn't see using the M4.

    Henk: Not a 175, what is it? Looks good, I love P90s. I have a couple on an old 1950 Epi Regent Zephyr Deluxe, funky refinish but a bargain-basement L5. Lovely mid-50s Kenny Burrell sound. I gave up tube amps when tubes got expensive and got an Evans solid-state jazz amp. 25 days of lugging Twin Reverbs around are long over! (tube vs solid state == film vs digital). (If I'd kept all of the then-cheap Fender guitars and amps I went through in the 70s I could have retired on the profits...oh well.)

    Bicycles are great inexpensive fun. Even an expensive one is less than a cheap car, and mine was cheap. But then there are motorcycles. Had a Ducati Darmah back in the 80s, sold it when I got poor and parts became extinct. Loudest vehicle in Berkeley, CA for a while ;-). Just got a Moto Guzzi V50, but it's still in the process of restoration.

    Too little time, too many things to do.
  28. Lets see, the darkroom went first, since the new old house didn't have a place for one (I know a wimpy arguement), followed by the road bike, rock climbing went out (to dangerous, spouse didn't like it), downhill skiing (now only done once/twice a season vs 60 days), skeet shooting (yes $0.50 every time you pulled that trigger). What's left my mountain bike ($50 a year tune up), cross country skiing, snowshoeing, the beach, KIDS, and the photography sans the darkroom.

  29. I don't have any hobbies. Photography has been a job in the past and a creative outlet for 30 years, off and on, but never a hobby.

    I have had hobbies. I still have a guitar, several guns, a mess of CD's and yards of photography books from previous hobbies. But I really don't have any current hobbies.
  30. Well lets see:

    There was the audiophile phase I went through about 8 years ago which culminated in my "penultimate" setup: Proac Tablette Sigs, all Cardas Hexlink Gold cables (bought super cheap after the newer series came out), SFCD-1, Wilson-Benesch turntable, Benz-Micro L0.4, Benz Lukashek phono-preamp, Audio-Note Kit One (with extensive modes to the pcb board). Haven't put any more $$$$ into that set-up in the last 7 years as I've been pretty happy with the combination (unlike some other people I know who are always on the quest for audio nirvana). Some people blow tens-of-thousands jumping from Single-ended back to push-pull then back to single-ended. Push-pull indeed!!!
    Currently, my expensive hobby is outdoor trad climbing. Costs big $$$ to built a decent trad rack. I've never counted photography as a hobby cause I've been doing it forever... kind of equate it to eating dinner every night.
  31. Lee/John,

    A hooby is done for FUN, not work. So, what one likes doing when not: eating, sleeping, working, getting to work and back...

    Maybe you need more hobbies to remember what a hobby is, 8*).
  32. John,

    What's a trad?
  33. Robert, I was involved in Karate because I grew up with Japanese boys in my neighborhood and learned to love Japanese culture from their mom. When they went to learn Karate, I went also. They quit (wise), and I stayed (ouch). I recall my first Kumite sparring was with a little dude that beat my big ass to a pulp. All I could think of was "well, there goes the self defense" motivation. It was the beginning of a long string of ass beatings. It was a brutal school, and feared by tournament opponents.
  34. " 'Doug, what is farrier, food?'
    The farrier is the lady (in our case) who trims hooves and fits shoes on them; every 4 to 6 weeks."

    And what Doug is probably too shy to add, is that for the hunter/jumper class of horse he illustrated, those shoes can run more than a brand new set of radials for you car -- EVERY 6 weeks! In my daughter's case, she was a competitive HJ, and her horse required "Titanium, Bar-reinforced" shoes. $355 every six weeks just like clockwork.

    I'm glad she got too busy at school for horses last year :)

  35. Trad climbing refers to Traditional climbing methods where the leader (1st person to ascend a route) must drag the rope up and set up intermediate points of protection to safeguard against a fatal fall. Trad climbing is the second most dangerous form of climbing that one can practice because your safety is riding on your skill to set up good protection (pro). Also, the routes are typically not manicured (that is cleared of loose rock and scree) so you have to be extra careful not to kill your belayer below by dislodging a 100 lb piece of rock. Most climbers start out top-roping then graduate to sport climbing. Both are not nearly as dangerous as trad and it shows in the ethics. I train in the gym to get strong on the harder grades but in there I sense a one-upmanship that I don't sense being around trad climbers. Traddies are more into genuine comraderie probably because they don't want you to screw up too often. If you top-rope or sport climb you can screw up as many times as you want without serious consequences. That explains why most trad climbers climb more "conservative routes" relative to their performance in the gym. ie I can climb a 5.12 on top-rope but only trad climb 5.7. Hope this is more helpful than confusing. BTW: Josh Root, you climb too? Drop me a line sometime next year as I'm road trippin' through the States, maybe we can climb something together (like Devil's Tower in Wyoming). ;-)
  36. Marc, I can relate to your karate stories. I did a couple of years of Wado-Ry Karate, but stopped with our Sensei (WC 1968, 8th dan) insisted on my competing. I did one or two competitions but it was just too brutal/full contact. I actually remember my last match when this guy kept on hurting me w/o getting any points due to lack of proper technique. I looked over to my team captain (then European Champion), scrugged my shoulders as to what to do, he moved his index finger across his throat indicating my to finish this off (hence, you don't want your opponents to think that your club is weak), thus I walked back, decked him with a right hook and got disqualified and walked off the matt while my club members were chearing. Apart some martial art training during military service, I haven't done much karate since.

    I know now idea what this has to do with Leica photography...
  37. Racing an Alfa Romeo in Historic Touring Cars makes Leica look cheap, cheap, cheap. At £1800 per engine build (every three races, or seven weeks on average) in the 1980/90's plus parts and the rest of the running costs it could only be done with sponsorship. Even then I could have had many black paint M3's from the money from my own pocket. But some things, even if not sustainable, are even better than having a Leica!
  38. I've had a few over the years... but photography seems to give me the most creative release.

    To me the hobbies are all about creativity. I'm not a musician, but I build instruments. I'm not a shooter but I build guns. I'm not a ham, but I build radios. Dunno if anyone relates to that.

    I'm frankly suprised I'm not a camera repairman... but I do enjoy makeing pictures better than messing with equipment, so maybe there's hope for me in photography.
  39. Online multiplayer games like Medal of Honor. They can suck 8hrs out of the day without you even noticing...or eating...or answering the phone...or using the restroom...or...or...
  40. World travel, watch collecting, pen collecting, wine collecting, auto racing - esp.BMW,
  41. Target shooting is quite expensive, especially if you travel much to shoot. One thing about bullets - once you launch them, they don't return. I burn out a barrel every couple years. If I go back to Camp Perry next year, that will cost a couple thousand.
  42. Carey,

    "Henk: Not a 175, what is it?"

    Its an early 60's ES 125T Thinline, i really love it, no decorations, just a really rich and bluesy sound.... Kinda like an M2 ;)

  43. Mmm, online games indeed.

    Audio as well, listening to and playing. Very pricy hobbies.
  44. Other hobbies I have:

    Cooking, once as a profession, now private. Proper gear can be very expensive.

    Playing darts, and pool for liquid gain (beers), I don't play in bars for money, it can be dangerous. Playing poker with friends for financial gain. Remember success = fun?

    Watching the Michigan Wolverine football team beat-up most of the other teams. UM 50, UH 3. Prediction: UM 31, Notre Dame 17. Any domers out there? Care to wager $50 vs my 90 Elmar LTM for a 14-point spread?

    I'm quite sure there are no Spartans or Huskers from my previous posts. I am a FANatic when it comes to Meeshigan Football. Hell, I was born at the U of M hospital.

    And, posting with typos. 8*)
  45. Yeah, Trad climbing can be really expensive. But then again, not any more so than a couple of Leica lenses. But bouldering is downright cheap in comparison, and a top-roping setup is not very much more. Sport climbing gets a bit more expensive, since you have to have a set of quickdraws and they easily get stolen/lost. For those who don't know, here's a page that describes the different types of climbing.
    I don't really ever climb trad, though many of my friends do and they all tell me that it's really fun. I'm more into sport routes or bouldering. I feel it's nice to be able to push myself to the limit of my abilities, without having to worry (much) about if my pretection will fail and I will fall hundreds of feet to my death. Bouldering can be some of the hardest climbing you will ever do, but you are hardly ever more than 10 feet off the ground.
  46. Well, I'm impressed. Marc, you should have taken up Aikido and just rolled around on the mat. Nothing to it. And Camp Perry is not for the novice. Do you see Ghost Dance there? Gentlemen, I salute you and will retire to enjoy a fine cigar. They cost a fortune and will kill you in the end. Now that's expensive.
  47. Some of you guys sound like you have too much money.

    I used to, also, and was an audiophile for years.

    " . .(bought super cheap after the newer series came out). . "

    Oh, yeah, if you've got the needle in deep, hi-fi can suck up money like anything.

    But I like, and sometimes need, to turn hobbies into professions, and sometimes back into hobbies again.

    I'm selling my high-end gear to buy recording equipment, and growing that business. Years ago I got into cameras and picture making as a avocation, then it was a job for nearly a decade, went to sleep for a spell, and now it's back as a fresh pursuit. No weddings yet - spare me!

    Life's funny ...
  48. david,

    aikido and rolling around the mat is easy? try doing that fifty -
    seventy times just for warm ups and the world goes hay-wire.
    and we're not yet even talking about high-falls yet...
  49. I have done judo in my young days, ripped my achilles tendon(?) once and stopped. My doctor said i had weak ankles, dunno if that was from judo or some genetic malfunction, but still. A friend of mine did karate and later Pencak Silat. We fought once for fun, but when he maitained distance he always kicked my ass royaly ;) Pretty weird to see a guy jump around like an ape and kicking your forehead when supporting his weight on one fist...... *the dark sensation kreeps up on me again* Im done fighting nowadays, im happy to say ;)

    Greetings and peace with you all ;)
  50. Bas: "4years with one PC and still see no need to upgrade"

    Just imagine someone who bought an M3 when new; 50 years later and still no need to upgrade. ;-)

    Josh, I love fountain pens, too. I love looking at the Waterman catalogues; the Carene is such an evocative instrument, isn't it? Maybe I'll buy one, along with the Art Deco Phileas I've been lusting after for years. But then, what will I really do with them? I do write quite a bit but that's mosty e-mail. I guess I don't need a reason to buy them - I can use them now and then and enjoy their beauty anyway. I guess I don't want to become a fondler...

    Matt, children are really the best people IMHO. Wouldn't mind having children one day, but yeah, it won't be easy.

    Steve: "A hooby is done for FUN, not work. Maybe you need more hobbies to remember what a hobby is, 8*)."

    I Don't believe in hobbies, Steve. I'd like to think that anything I do is of some value to somebody else. Of course, the best thing would be to have a job which I love so much I won't *need* a hobby to distract me from it. ;-)

    Chris: "Online multiplayer games like Medal of Honor..."

    I play Day of Defeat. Best game *ever*! Compared to fountain pens and photography, on-line FPSers are dirt cheap. So I guess this doesn't qualify...

    Expensive 'hobbies' (though I don't like the word and what it implies) that I'd *like* to have include rebuilding Jaguar V12 cars as a kind of part-time business thing. Love to own and run my own on-line gaming servers (i.e. for Day of Defeat and maybe some other game). I like to play with networks so half-a-dozen Mac laptops to mess around with would be handy.
  51. I dont own a leica, but I saw this thread and could not resist. I do
    bicycle racing, once I buy the inital bike i dont need much other stuff, yeah right! My most expensive clothes that I have ever bought ($90us for a Jersey and $120 for shorts) are for the bike and they dont even look good when i wear them out for the evening. Not to mention you want to get another bike/ helmet/ shoes/ trainer/ bar/ gel/ cyclo computer, its like a lense or camera body in photography, if I get the latest and greatest I surely will take better pictures or win the next race. But in reallity its not the equipments fault for losing the race or taking bad pictures. The other thing that makes bicycle racing so expensive is there is not alot of return if you decide to sell something for an upgrade.
  52. Used to fly small planes - may take it up again once the Leicas are paid for.

    Frankly, the cost (although not insignificant) is easier to handle than the time investment.

    But $100 per hour 'wet' rental flying once a week, you can easily rack up the cost of a whole Leica system every year.
  53. Does drinking count?
  54. Hell, you guys should try living in Japan, it's the most expensive hobby of all. Drive to the beach, it's 3 miles, costs you both time and money, sometimes 2 hrs and them about US$10 just to park the car for an hour. If you want to go further afield say to the mountains to go snowboarding then your looking at around US$250 for tolls, another 200 for gas, 30 odd for parking for the day, 60 for a lift ticket, which you lose if you go out of bounds, and then a bit more for food. I'm sure you would have to pay for just walking out the door if the government and the companies could work out a way to track 125 000 000 million people.

    On the plus side used camera gear is plentiful and pretty cheap, except Leicas of course.
  55. The most expensive hobby I have is target shooting - especially since I use a .458 Magnum that hits REALLY hard in the both the wallet and the shoulder. Reloading the shells cuts the wallet part a lot but does nothing for the shoulder damage.

    Photography used to be expensive until I dusted off the film tank and got a good film scanner. Now it's dirt cheap, especially since I have a couple of good Nikons and lenses and don't need to add anything to the kit except a good super-wide lens.

    Video gaming is pretty costly too. Keeping the old P.C. updated to run the latest games and get good performance is a constant and is expensive. Gigabytes of RAM and SCSI drives are expensive, even if you are in the business and get them wholesale!

    By far the most expensive hobby I ever had was boating. Purchasing a boat, then gassing it up, maintaining it, keeping the cooler full, and finally having to junk it because of a shore power failure letting too much water build up in the bilge was just too much for me. I'll do it again someday - AFTER making a few million bucks.

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