Any one has taken photos with a Russian Narciss 16mm SLR ?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by mtc photography, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. I spent some time search the web for picture taken with Russian 16mm camera the Narciss single lens reflex.
    There are plenty photo about the camera it self, by photos taken with Narciss seems extremly rare,
    Five from Flickr
    a few more from
    That is about it
  2. John Wade wrote a "book", I think it was called: The Collector's Guide to Classic Cameras 1945-1985 (Hove 1999).
    In this accumulation of odd bits, there is a section on the "Hapyucc" (pp. 47-8). That the cyrillic Narciss should be so described may be due to difficulties some Englishmen seem to have with non-English words in general, I know not.
    More time is spent in the section on the adventures of a "British photographic journalist" than on the camera, but a few data manage to creep in. ;)
    The discussion does state that the poor image quality from the camera may have been a factor in its being discontinued.
  3. The Flickr link doesn't work for me.
  4. Sorry but one small correction. The Cyrillic in print is NAPUNCC (the u with a small stem and the N backwards since you can not use Cyrillic letters on photonet)
    What you were citing was the script form. Similarly the start is
    CTART in print but looks like CMAPM in script. I know it is no
    big deal but just for accuracy.
  5. Correction HAPUNCC. H=N P=R backwards N=İ (somewhat). Нарцисс
  6. All the images I can find on the web are either scratchy or soft.
    However Amateur Photography Feb 1993 has an report on Narciss camera, in which it
    claimed that image quailty of Narciss was "|remarkabley good", "pin sharp".
    The sample photo of a building looks quite sharp.
    So at this moment the verdict about Narciss image quality is still uncertain
  7. Thanks, I tried using a Russian keyboard a couple of times but when I hit confirm PN kicks it back
  8. Martin, I seem to recall reading somewhere that the Narciss suffered more from very poor quality, grainy Russian-made 16mm film than it did from camera design or any optical deficiencies. So when the UK Importers heard from KMZ that they were intending to drop it from their range of cameras, they pleaded its case for continued production but with better quality imported film. Presumably a film maker prepared to supply unperforated 16mm film was located, so Narciss production continued.
  9. Peter, thank you for this info. I think low quality 16mm film was the reason why Narciss did poorly in Russia.
    I have not put in a roll of 16mm film to test my recently aquired white Narciss. From the image
    in viewfinder, the image looks crisp and sharp. I am still waiting for my Narciss film cassette to arrive.
    Regular 16mm film cassette, like the RADA cassette for Rollei 16 does not fit in Narciss, RADA cassette is too fat for Narciss.
  10. My first roll of B&W from Narciss camera
  11. Looks good
    How are you processing it? I just shot off a roll of 16mm with Kiev Vega and thinking of ways to process in tank without a 16mm reel. It is only 20" long so I may get away with some gimmickry.
  12. I use a Jobo 1502 dualset reel to load the film and develop it in Paterson tank
    You may develop short strip of film in darkroom (hint: close the door of a windowless wash room)
    using two trays, one for developer, one for fixer. If the film is not curly, you can hold the two ends
    with left and right hand, right hand up, left hand down, then left hand up, right hand down... in
    seesaw fashion. Use a kitchen timer with bell to keep time in the dark

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