Any Nikon CoolScan 8000/9000 users here?

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  1. Well, I look at that and not wonder whether or not there is something wrong with my 8000 but whether there is something wrong with the V500 used above. :)

    To me the biggest problem with that Epson scan is that it seems to be out of focus relative to the 8000. I just haven't experienced that with my Epson. One thing that I have experienced that these scans show is that ICE functions better on the Nikon.

    And of course the other question I have regarding both scans is which colors are correct? Are the ribbons on the wreaths red or does the sun give them an orange hue? Again, that's probably more of software thing.
  2. I have the 9000...i haven’t used it in ages but it’s a great scanner for medium format film if you don’t have the money for a drum scanner. I’ve also used it for slides and 35mm negatives. Noisy machine but it does the job for me.
  3. I also have a Nikon 9000. I scanned a lot of medium format using a custom glass carrier that I constructed. I also have the Nikon glass carrier, but get better results with my custom carrier. I still have a lot of negatives and 35mm slides I want to scan - I need to get back to scanning. I am using Nikon Scan software initially on a Windows 7 Professional computer, but I now have it working on a Windows 10 Professional computer with Nikon Scan. I followed instruction available on the internet to generate a 64 bit driver that works with Windows 7 and Windows 10.
  4. I had a lightly used 9000 and sold it; now just recently decided to get back to medium format and bought a used 8000 from the seller the OP mentioned. Results seem every bit as good as the 9000 I had. Just not sure if there's any difference in scanning time since it's been a few years since I scanned with the 9000.

    The FH-869S glassless holder works pretty well now that I've learned how to use it properly this time. I'm still planning on getting the glass holder though for film that insists on not laying flat, and for occasional prints.

    I'm also not an especially great technician as far as really knowing the technicalities of color space etc. I guess I'm lucky in that scans- whether they be from negative film like Portra, or slide film- always seem to come out spot on, with sky hues being much more reliably accurate than with any digital camera I've owned. Maybe it has something to do with the Zeiss lens on the Hasselblad, I don't know.
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  5. Does anyone know where I can buy a glass 120 film holder for a CoolScan 8000? I just bought one off eBay sans any film holders. I see a few non-glass types for about as much as I paid for the machine! Hoping I can find something cheaper and with glass
  6. Link .... Nikon film holder with glass FH-869G: approx. 20cm long glass plate for LS-9000 scanner for 35mm and medium format positives or negatives - ScanDig GmbH - It's quite expensive at US$1,042

    An alternative way is to buy a normal glassless 120 holder and use a piece of picture frame non-reflective glass cut to size to hold the film flat, or, buy an anti-Newton Ring glass from here, Link ..... Glass Anti Newton Ring Insert for Medium Format Film Epson Scanner 3200 4180 3170 4490 4870 4990 V700 v750

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