Any new Epson V500 reviews or comparisons?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by philip_maus, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. There are one or two similar questions posted already, but I'm looking for some
    additional reviews of the Epson V500 scanner; and maybe a comparison to the
    Epson V700 if anyone has experience with both. I'm diligently searching for a
    reasonably priced scanner that can handle 120 negs, as well as 35mm and I've
    ruled out the Microtek models based on a plethora of bad reviews and complaints
    about them. I would also like to know if this unit is compatible with wet scan
    processes, as I understand the V700 to be. I've read that this scanner is
    capable of producing file sizes upwards of 150MB from 6x6 negs, so to me, the
    resolution is pretty much there. Any more experience with Epson V500 out there?
  2. The thing to keep in mind is true optical resolution versus file size. Any scanner could output a file of 150 mb but what matters is how the optical capabilities of the scanner translate into true resolution.

    You can fluid mount with most any flatbed. The reality is that it can be more finicky with a scanner like the V500 because of the more narrow light source in the lid which means you have to be careful to get your film lined up just right.

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