Any Mamiya RZ 67 Owners Here?

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  1. I have a number of medium format film cameras in my possession, including a Pentax 67II and Pentax 645N. For cheaper options I have a Yashica A and Holga 120. I recently purchased a Mamiya RZ67 camera, because it had removable backs for swapping film types mid roll, plus it also had format choices like 6x7, 6x6, and 645. I will be getting all 3 backs for it.

    I purchased a 100-200 Z zoom lens to start, since it was only $60 US dollars plus shipping. I'd like to get a 90mm, but prices are way up there for those. I might also consider the 140mm macro, a 50mm, and possibly a 360mm lens. Anyone use these lenses and how are you liking them?

    How are people liking the RZ camera today? I still will use my Pentax 67 when I dont have a need to change rolls mid roll. The RZ seems clunkier then the Pentax in use. I havent shot a roll through mine yet, as Im still waiting for my first lens to show up.

    I must say prices on the RZ have jumped in recent years, but I got mine for $700 US plus shipping (for body, 67 film back, and waste level finder), which I think is a good deal.
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  2. I found it rather difficult to resist commenting on your question in regards to the Mamiya RZ67. Over the course of over 40 years making photographs in many different countries around the world and using a fairly broad array of cameras, without a shadow of doubt, the Mamiya RZ67 has always been my favorite camera. It is exceptionally well built, most of the lenses are excellent and working with the 6x7 format is a wonderful compromise between 35 mm and view cameras. Indeed, close to 75% of photographs on my website were made with this wonderful camera.

    Enjoy it to the max.
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  3. Enjoy the RZ Not that I have one I do have a RB67 Pro S.. RZ lenses are pretty costy compared to the RB ones. KL lenses are the exception tho those things are at a premium price too. My RB with 50mm 90mm and KL140mm. Prism finder and LH trigger grip stand me signigifigantly less money than an RZ with just one lens. Plus I much prefer full mechanical. Electronics and batteries can suck. Try getting an RZ fixed. I also own a Bronica SQ. Electronics on that have reared thier ugly head,.replacement component, the only feasible answer.
  4. Your work is beautiful.
  5. As I recall Herb Ritts used the RZ system extensively and with excellent results. I have a couple RB Pro S bodies and love them as long as Iā€™m not in a hurry. See if you can find an RZ equivalent of the 180 which is superb.

    Rick H.
  6. The only 2 lenses I see that are extremely expensive for the RZ are the 90 and 110mm. Both are normal lenses of course. All other lenses fall between $60 and $300+. Thats quite affordable considering the cost of the body in comparison. Only the oddball lenses are more then 300.
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    Think you will find $60 lenses are well shot. Speaking from experience.
  8. Annie Liebovitz is/was also a user of the RZ.

    I'd opt for the 127mm as a "starter" "normal" lens. Add the 180, then a wide angle (50 or 65mm) that suits your views.
  9. Is there a 50mm for the RZ ? Thought the availible WA was 65mm, 65mm is certianly the most common I see listed,.even in KL versions for the RB. Not that I pay too much attention to RZ lenses.
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  10. I have two of the "original" RB67's, either a 90mm or 127mm attached to the camera. The neg 2k13-027-008 ces-m-horz.jpg s are superb from either lens and enlargements thru 16x20 flawless with low speed films. Each camera system is house (completely) in a large Igloo cooler. Not shown here is the final foam covering on the camera onto which my Weston Master V and the extra film back are set. Clamps on both sides and a wide strap thru the Igloo handle have proved airline safe thru several XC trips.
  11. I bought a $60 plus shipping fees for a RZ 100-200 zoom lens. It seems to be working normally, though it is missing both lens caps. I dont see any issues with it. Its just not a popular lens to get. I started with this one. I'll get the 50 for sure at some point. After that I might get the 140 macro. And a long telephoto like maybe the 360.
  12. Doing this professionally, I gave up on RZ, MF film cameras and film a long time ago, but I certainly appreciate the enthusiasm. For the RZ I really like (and used) the 140mm for portraits (much better than 150mm), the 90mm for groups (more interesting than the 110mm, feels like 8x10 Avedon), the 65, for people in spaces. Not too compressed, not to distorted. That's me, having assisted a bunch of icons of fashion and portrait photographers. The 110 was an interesting choice, but beyond this, I never used much else.

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