Any Large Format enthusiasts actually posting LF photos here?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by lenmarriott, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. Just visiting here from the 35mm & medium format forums, primarily to
    view LF photography samples but after 20 or more attempts I could
    find few posts at all and those were generally of other formats
    (medium & 35mm mostly). Any LF enthusiasts actually posting LF photos
    here? I'd like to see what all the fuss is about. I would like to
    keep abreast of things by having a few true enthusiasts bookmarked
    for follow-up. Best, LM.
  2. A fair number of people do. And a good number has their own websites. Here is a photograph for you to look at. Unfortunately the horses in the bottom right hand corner are difficult to see in this .jpeg. They really are needed to show vast scale.
  3. By here do you mean on the LF forum? I posted my first attempt a few months ago, but it's no wall hanger. I do post quite a few LF shots on My B/W folder is full of them. However, I've only been using LF for a couple months as I said, so don't let the quality of my work put you off the format!

    I will say that a maximum 100k file as shown on cannot show off one of the main benefits of LF photos. Detail and the fine tonal changes that go with it. I think I see it even in 8x10s, and I definitely see it in the 16x20s I print in my darkroom at home. You should be able to see the benefits of the movements capability here, the improved control over DOF, especially in any LF studio or architecture shots. Some landscapes as well. Not mine so much.

    I've really enjoyed the first few months with my view camera and wish I had tried using one sooner.
  4. Per, Thanks for the LF sample. That's what I expected to see only in larger numbers. Alas, even you don't have a folder on PS. Too bad, our loss. Best, LM.
  5. Per, that shot is fantastic. I'd love to see a print instead of a jpeg!

    Len, I can think of one member who posts a lot of photos taken with a LF camera. Here is one of his more recent. I hope it's ok to point this out on the forum in this way. I'm sure there are others, but he's had a lot of stuff up recently.
  6. Hi Len, I have a few posted but I have to say that the scans don't really do them justice. I am not very good at resizing for the net.
  7. Mac Gregor, I guess I meant that I expected a lot of people posting on the LF forum to have a substantial number of examples of LF photography in their folders. Yours fits the expected profile, being the exception rather than the rule here. Most have no folders at all. Got you bookmarked. As for quality, I don't expect a LF 800 x 640 pixel post from LF to look substantially better on screen than a similar post from a 35mm shot. What I'd be looking for is subject matter and style. Technical info and the photographer's intro could fill in some of the blanks. We all know that LF demands more discipline & planning than other formats & that story should be conveyed to the viewer along with the corresponding advantages (ie: higher large print quality). Don't sell yourself short, at least you have a folder which, on a quick look, is better than most. Best, LM.
  8. Edward, Thanks for responding. I think I've been through your folder previously. I particularly liked the lighthouse at Peggy's Cove. Impossible to tell from the thumbnails which format any particular shot was taken on (unless the folder is identified as LF, MF or whatever) & who has the time to view, in depth, every shot in every folder one comes across? Best, LM.
  9. quite a few of mine are 4x5 or 8x10 but I ageee with others that you can't tell the difference on a computer screen.

    We are lucky to have some very good museums in my area and that is what will hook you on large format.

    About 25 years ago I saw an exibition of some prints from wet plates that were about 100 years old. They were from the British Archeological Survey of India. The detail and tone was astounding.

    I still can't get close but if I ever do it will be an 8x10 contact print that does it.
  10. Len, all of the mf and lf stuff is in single photos. The rest is 35mm. When I have more than 3 or 4 lf shots I will probably make a folder for them. Most of the scans are either scans of contact prints or scans of transparencies for printing. The lighthouse was scanned for an 11X14 print and then drastically shrunk. I haven't been shooting lf all that long and my composition through the ground glass still needs a little work. I have about 5 trannies that I want to print when I have the money. When I have the prints I will scan them and add them to my portfolio.
  11. Here are a couple of mine. Each is a 4x5 scanned and printed on a lightjet for my office. Original is either Velvia or E100VS.
  12. Another shot.
  13. Last shot. Original is Velvia, then converted to BW in Photoshop.
  14. Randy, Both are examples of great photography regardless of format used . Only difference is a 35mm shooter would probably have shot at least half a roll on each scene for less than it cost you for one sheet of film. However, viewing the final print is where you would get your jollies. Best, LM.
  15. Neal, I knew there must be samples out there. I just needed a little help focusing (sorry about that:)in on them. Best, LM.
  16. Len,

    One of the main reasons that I shoot large format (other than the
    sheer enjoyment of not shooting "machine gun" style with 1/2 or
    a roll of film per scene) is the final image. The monument valley
    and Clifden castle images that I have printed are each 50" x 60".
  17. it


    Nice castle shot Randy....
  18. Len, You're welcome to look at my portfolio - all 4X5 taken with an ARCA-SWISS Field Camera and mostly a Rodenstock 210mm lens. Not much in the way of filters. Worst part of my portfolio is that I don't have the capability to scan and upload with other than my hp officeject 7130xi. The other thing that you should keep quiet is that I've been learning in my spare time for about two and one-half to three years. But, in some cases, you get a different large format perspective from the series. Would love any comments from you or the others. Thanks.
  19. Hi Len. Already some really nice examples of LF work here. I have been using 4x5 on and off since the early 1970's. My older stuff is in this folder:

    I have newer images in a different folder. I'm just starting to get back into it after about 20 years (raising kids, etc.).
  20. Here's one done with somewhat older equipment -- a ca. 1935 Kawee Camera, Schneider-Kreuznach Radionar f/4.5 13.5 cm, on 9x12 cm Fomapan 100; developed in HC-110 Dilution H and scanned on the glass of a flatbed.
  21. Len,

    I post quite a number of LF shots. I am an amateur working strictly for the fun of it. I think many professionals would use their own website. Here is one of my LF shots :

    Here is an example of a pro LF portfolio on PN :
  22. I'm also posting scans here, occasionally, but just to delete them after few weeks or months. Usually, after I made a real print, I'm not satisfied with scans I have posted... so, as now there are just 3 pictures, which I will most probably change with some fresh shots after I came back from my vacation...
    Castle Lukavec
    Little vineyard
  23. Could we please see more. Without a doubt, these are well composed and executed photos. I do not mind the link to the image wider than the 511 pixels allowed for immediate showing, after all this is what LF is all about.
  24. Heck, I'll take the opportunity for some shameless self promotion - you can see well over 150 LF images on my web site, and you may also want to visit QT Luong's Large Format site for a fairly comprehensive list of links to other LF photographers sites.
    One caveat I'm sure most will agree with - the web is unfortunately rather limiting. To truly appreciate an LF image you should be looking for venues (galleries, exhibits, etc.) where you can review prints.

    Scenic Wild Photography
  25. Mike, Got you bookmarked. Steve, I knew there had to be some samples, but I was just having trouble locating any. Donald, Collin, Janko, & Guy, thanks, I'll definitely have a look. I can easily find other web sites promoting LF but I thought that THIS site should be better represented. Thanks to all who responded I now have a starting point rather than using the trial & error approach. Best, LM.
  26. I have about nine LF photos in my portfolio.
  27. Here is a site :
  28. Some do, some don't. I had to go look to see if I had any, and I do:

    On the other hand, most of the pictures on my still-to-be-done website ( are LF. But it's worthless to compare a small on-screen picture with a real LF print.
  29. Come to one of our Free Workshops. There you will see the work of a great number of large format photographers! Or come to the Free Workshop Group show in December!

    For info go to my site:
  30. I shoot some 4x5 with a Speed Graphic or Graphic View but have been stuck in a digital mode since February. Also, I have the hardest time trying to upload anything to this site and work with the system. This shot is of some falls after a week or so of single digit temperatures. Speed Graphic, 135mm lens, Ilford HP5, contact printed on Ilford postcard paper and enlarged a bit.<br>
    <img src="">
  31. Me too. Not too many uploaded yet, but I'm working on it! Like this one.
  32. Here's a portrait of my nephews shot with a Crown Graphic.
  33. Len,

    You'll find a few of my LF shots here on PN under my single photos, many more on the site and even more on my own web site, - have fun.

  34. There are a lot of LF images posted in the galleries at
  35. I put stuff up from time to time if it's new, or someone far away wants to see some results of something I'm working on. (for instance, someone on this forum was looking for a way to handhold 4x5 for a trip where a tripod wasn't practical/desireable. I posted some photos that I took in Paris on a recent trip, where I didn't even take a tripod with me. I turned my SP into a 4x5 "point & shoot")
  36. Here's one. 4x5 Arca-Swiss Discovery, 180mm Fujinon A, TMax 400 in PyroCat.
  37. Ken, The question was "Any Large Format enthusiasts actually posting LF photos HERE! (meaning PN) While your example is an excellent shot, I did have to go off site to view your other posts. (not to say it wasn't time & effort well spent, you have some super shots there but it's difficult to comment on them or see the tech data which is important information to some of us). Just thought that since we're on PN this is where I'd find some LF posts. A number of positive responses have shown me what I was looking for. Many thanks for your input. Best, LM.
  38. Graeme, Great site! Got you bookmarked. Love the way it operates, click on a thumnail & get a larger version beside it with technical info. to boot & I never lose sight of the thumbnails. Truly user freindly. Will be back. Your shots on this (PN) site are just teasers, bait for those who hunger for fabulous photographs. Best, LM.
  39. I'm new to the board, but have started posting some 4x5 LF work in my "Travel - color" folder:
    Travel - color
    with more to come shortly. From there, you can also get to my personal website:
    Regards, Bruce
  40. Thanks Len. All compliments greatfully received.

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