Any interest in a weekly landscape photo thread?

Discussion in 'Landscape' started by Leslie Reid, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. I find that I get inspired by weekly threads, and it occurred to me that with the number of excellent landscape photographers on the site, there might be interest in a weekly thread devoted to landscape photography (with "landscape photography" left undefined). To make it distinct from typical no-words landscape threads, I'm thinking it might be interesting for each contributor to describe a bit about what went into making the photo, if they wanted to--I learn a lot from other people's experiences. Anyone interested in participating in a thread like that?
  2. david_henderson


    I'm sure I'd want to contribute most weeks
  3. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

  4. Yes go for it.
  5. Good idea, please do.
  6. Shall do! I was figuring that if there were 5 others interested we'd be a large enough group to give it a try, and we made it. I'll start a thread on Wednesday and we can see how it goes. I'm figuring 1 photo per person (unless there's a reason for 2--maybe to illustrate a B&W conversion or a before-and-after-editing sequence or a lighting change); no restrictions on how "landscape" is defined; and commentary, explanations, and questions are very much welcomed but completely optional. But everything is negotiable, and I'd much appreciate any suggestions.
  7. If some one is willing to take on the responsibility, it couldn't hurt. A past experience of my own with a weekly post, however, turned out to be more work than i thought it would be.
  8. Great idea, count me in, lets hope it gets good support and helps to put even more interest into the new site.

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