Any Idea of how to develop 60 year old minox film?

Discussion in 'Minox' started by minox_london, May 4, 2011.

  1. Has anyone an idea how I should develop vintage Minox black and white films? Shall I use a special developer? or increase developing time? Any idea of how to develop vintage Minox film?
    I recently came across, several (4x) fully exposed but never developed brass cassettes marked DIN17/10.
    I know myself sometimes I leave exposed minox cassettes for some time (or even forget them completely) so it would be fun, to develop these ancient films. If I see something fuzzy and some shapes I would be delighted already. Any tips and ideas? Thank you already
  2. These films will inevitably have deteriorated, but it may be possible to get some kind of an image. The problem is that base fog will be higher and image density will be lower. Of the developers you could get easily, probably Afga Rodinal would be best, since it gives a low base fog level. As a starting point, try a dilution of 1+50 or even 1+100, find the time for Ilford Pan F and give 30% more. Quality is sure to be far from perfect but something may come out. If you do not have a developing reel for Minox film (which I think is 16 mm), you can develop the films in the dark in a dish of developer at least 3 cm deep by the see-saw method, where you hold each end of the film in either hand and raise one end while lowering the other in alternation, keeping the loop of film under the developer. This method counts as continuous agitation from the point of view of developing time and will give more contrast than intermittent agitation, which is not what you really want, but as I say it will work if you have no tank and reel or if the film feels too brittle to put on a reel. Good luck!
  3. Thank you David, I will buy some Rodinal this week and experiment on the weekend. Already looking forward to it. Your dish idea is good too as my development tank can not hold films with more than 36 exposures (the film in these cassettes have 50 exposures). I will let you know if it has worked
  4. Recently I developed a customer's 8x11 film from early 1960's. Film was in metal tin (sic) loose.
    I thought something was fishy when I tried to thread into a specially adapted durst reel and it went on for ever - just got it all on the reel. Used Ilford ilfosol for 6 minutes, fixed for double the time, and washed. Came out beautifully. Film was VERY thin, so take extreme care when taking it out of the reel...

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