Any good books on Macro Photography ?

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  1. As mentioned, I joined Mike Moats' macro photo club. I received a Welcome email listing 4 categories of links to his many videos: Equipment and tech tips, composition, tips from the field, and post processing. I haven't looked at any one yet. This is a lifetime membership, so there is no rush. ;) I do look forward to learning something from him.

    I think he mentioned somewhere (on his website?) that he is giving away his macro book (ebook version) - which is selling at a high price at Amazon.
  2. The complete Guide to Close-up & Macro Photography by Paul Harcourt Davies: The Complete Guide to Close-Up & Macro Photography by Paul Harcourt Davies

    came in the mail today. It looks like a really good book, so far. It covers everything from Close-ups, to Macro, to Extreme Macro, also equipment, lens design, stacking lenses, how to build a home studio, photographing coins, stamps, insects, flowers etc.

    There are plenty of graphic examples and lighting techniques. In the back there is an appendix with Depth-of-field scale, Hyperfocal distance scale, exposure correction scale, magnification, EV values and an explanation of F-stops and Diffraction... There is even a section on Medium format and Large format.

    This book is not that dated since the last paragraph discusses the Digital Revolution. It's only about 160 pages and the pictures look very good although shot with film. I think this a keeper !
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