Any experts on Olive Drab Canon F-1's out there?

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by vick_ko, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. There is one on @bay now, but serial number 578512. Is it fake?

    I've found units 575203, 576787, 577323 and 577740. If there were only 2000
    made, 578512 is way too far outside of the serial number range to be real.

    Is it fake?

    Anyone got a full authentic kit for sale?

  2. I'm not an expert on this camera. I have three Canon F1's. I just checked and the model they have photos of shows that the whole camera was OD-green, including the leatherette panels .. your ebay seller's camera has black leatherette .. which make me suspicious. If it was an original ODF-1 I would suspect it to have been manufactured in 1978, sold only in Japan, and look like the sample identified at I don't know about the serial number range, but someone here probably does know.

    I would not even consider the ebay seller's sample to be in the collectable catergory with the dent in the pentaprism and other issues. It appears to me, in my limited experience, to be either an original that has been modified or a fake to mimick an original copy .. you can ask the seller for the history .. for such a collectable camera he should have a lot more information.

    Also check out the shutter speed dial .. on the image it shows it painted green; your ebay seller has it appearing somewhat chrome. Sorry I don't think this is a real one .. although I do like the color.
  3. I am an expert on these rare Green paint F-1.

    <P>Its real deal.

    <P>I agree its carefully used and the prism's been apart and repaired and the
    touch up paint in the prism screws shows its been apart.

    <P>I owned the lowest serial number known to exist and parted with it 3 years
    ago in my move to dslr imaging. The production run was not consecutive. S109
    and the rarer S209 are vaild production codes on these 2,002. 2,002 number came
    from Canon Australia right before canon trashcanned all the FD archives.

    <P>Here's MY often posted pic of
    the one I used to own mounted on 400mm 2.8L and Wimberely Full Gimbal Head.

    Please note all the olive paint finish inside film chamber. One would
    have to completely disassemble F-1 to create fakes. Look for this and build code
    and serial number range: 566033 thru 579ish to authenticate. These are rarest F-1
    in my opinion due to Japan's ability to re-arm by WWII treaty in 1978. Beyond this
    historical fact I feel its the rarest of Canon FD special issues since the black paint
    production line
    was halted to change paint color. These are green inside and out. Not a simple
    shoulder logo added for Olympics issues in 1976 and 1980 and a bit more
    modified 1984 LA Olympics.

    <P>I've seen far more used and dented and brassed examples auction off for up to
    $1,000. If ODF-1 is complete with its special box, strap, leather bag, japan
    waranty card brings in $4,000 for lucky owner.

    <P> Lindy

    <P><IMG src="">
  4. Thanks Lindy for the insight.

    Ugly color if you ask me btw. has an image of the original box.
  5. Lindy
    Thank you for authenticating the OD F1.

  6. Here's another image of the Olive Drab F-1 I use to own and a FD 14mm 2.8L that I had for a few years.

    <P>I like the color contrast between the shinny black paint on the 14mm 2.8L and the green paint finish of the limited edition F-1.

    <P>F-1, F-1n usually are just as shinny black as the 14mm 2.8L lens so this pic illustrates the olive drab color better.

    <P> Lindy
    <P><IMG src="">

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