Any experience with the Really Right Stuff B-series flash brackets?

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by ellis_vener_photography, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. As in [​IMG]
    If so, how are you using them, what kind of work are you using them for: macro, nature, portraits, events?
    Are they easy or awkward to use?
    What size do you have? If you have the largest , do you wish you had gotten a smaller one instead?
    ( I already have RRS "l" plates for my cameras and an MPR-CL II rail as well. )
  2. no one on this gear crazed forum has used one?
  3. I guess no one trusts them until you write a review blessing them, Ellis. ;-)
  4. Ellis, I have the largest one. I use it for events and normal use. It takes a little getting used to. I use a hand strap on my D3 and D300. Rotating the flash isn't as smooth a move as I would like, but I haven't had it very long. With more use, it well get more natural. I also own the RRS Wedding Bracket, and it took a while to get used to it too. The main plus with this bracket, is its' light weight. Once you get the set screw tension set properly, it is pretty smooth. You feel the detents as you rotate the flash really well. It is rock solid when tightened down, nothing rattles.
  5. I had the B87 for a year. I used it strictly for portraits and event work. In the pictures they show a Nikon 70-200 with the 85 but Casey from RRS advised me to buy the 87 so that it gives you some room to get your hand in between the bracket and the zoom ring. The clearance of the 85 is actually much smaller than it looks. I eventually sold it when they offered the wedding pro bracket because it was easier to use. With the B series brackets, you either have to mount them to your lens collar or use one of RRS's rails. Changing lenses becomes quite cumbersome. The wedding bracket just mounts to your L-plate and makes things much easier.
    The B brackets do have an advantage in that your flash flips and stays in the upright position. With the wedding bracket, your flash sits sideways and that's a problem if you use certain modifiers like the Lumiquest products.
    For event and candid portrait work, I prefer the wedding bracket because it's less cumbersome.

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