Any experience with Fomapan 400 ?

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by skander_zannad, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. Hi,
    I'm shooting Tri-X and am very pleased with, but on the Fotoimpex site
    ( I found they sell a very cheap 400 ISO film,
    the Fomapan 400, accordingly a traditional high-silver emulsion. I
    actually am in search of informations about how this film does look
    like : grain, sharpness, tonal scale, "pushability" ... Has anyone had
    experience with it?
    Thanks a lot,
    Best regards to all,

  2. It's my favorite 400 film - note that I only use it in 120, though.

    Very forgiving, lovely tonality.. My 8x10 prints (from 6x7 negatives) look really sharp. I've never had a bad experience with it in R09, DD-X, TFX-2, PMK; what I am saying, I guess, is that it seems to work fine in a number of developers. That may not be AS true for 135, but I'm not interested in that format. The 120 base curls lengthwise after drying, so I leave it hung up for a few days, or just flatten them under a book.
  3. Personally, I would not suggest Fomapan 400 (35mm) if scanning is its destination. The grain does not scan well and the film curls. However, it does print nicely and is certainly something to try shooting as I think it looks more Tri-X than Tri-X these days. I have only used it with D-76 though, so there may be better ways to manage the grain factor. FOMA also makes a line of darkroom chemicals which I have found to be tremendous and exceptionally cheap. I use their Fotonol (a FotoFlo equivalant) and their stop bath (a citrus stop.) The stop is pretty potent and really should be diluted 1:25 or more, not as listed on the bottle. They have an English language website:
  4. Oh and their best, most fun product is Fomapan 100 R, which is a black & white slide film. You can push it to 400, but the only people I know of who develop it are the Foma people themselves here in their little shop in Prague. Really terrific black & white images, no grain and smooth tones. Funky slide shows too!
  5. I have used Fomapan 400 only in 35 mm. It has quite large grain, and its real speed is somewhere between 200-250 ASA. Nevertheless it has really nice and distinct look and in middle format the grain would not probably be a problem. Despite of its large grain I prefer to devolope it in Rodinal (in 35 mm) - beautiful grainy look with nice tonality - great for portraiture.
  6. I've only developed it in D-76 (1:1) but it's lovely film. Quite grainy, but the grain doesn't distract even at 8x10 size from 135. It's well worth a try.
  7. Fomapan 400 has very good tonality and the grain structure is quite good for its speed depending on the chosen developer.I have rated the film at 400asa and developed in aculux 2 which produced negatives which lacked contrast although the grey tones were very good and also they were quite grainy.
    I have also developed in ID11 stock@ 13mins 20 deg with the film rated on the same roll between 200 and 400 iso with excellent results.Negatives have much improved contrast and much finer grain.The latitude of the film is excellent but does not seem quite as sharp as HP5 in 35mm format.
  8. Hi! I have a little problem, because I don't know what is developing time for this film (fomapan 400, type 120) at Ilfotec DD-X (20?C). Is there anyone who knows this? Please, help me...

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