Any compatibility problems with Tri-Elmar used on Hexar RF?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by stevierose, Jan 7, 2002.

  1. Do any of you own a Hexar RF and a 3E? I have the newer version of the 3E and I am considering supplementing my M6 with an Hexar RF. Any problems bringing up the frame lines properly?
  2. I've been using a 1st-version 3E on the Hexar for more than a year.
    They're a match made in heaven. Yes there's some reluctance bringing
    up the framelines--but so is there on both my M6's. It's a fault of
    the lens, not an incompatibility. In all cases the 50mm frames don't
    want to snap in: on the Hexar coming from 28 and on the M6 from 35.
  3. I have no compatibility problems with any Leica lens on the Hexar.
    My current 3E clicks on all the framelines properly on the Hexar as
    well as on M bodies. Some of my friends had to exchange a few 3E's
    because of the frameline issue regardless of body used. I think the
    problem is with the lens not the camera.
  4. I have a current 3E that has trouble bringing up the framelines on my
    Hexar RF but it has no such problem on my TTL M6s. I think it's more
    a problem with the Hexar RF. Although I must add that the other Leica
    lenses and sole Konica Hexanon that I own have no frameline problem on
    either the Hexar RF or M6s.
    I posted this problem a few months ago on this forum and quite a few
    people said that they had frameline problems with the 3E and Hexar RF.
  5. I should add that a slight twist of the ring or a quick flick of the
    body preselector lever and the frame snaps in just fine. The 3E
    mechanism is very sensitive and evidently the tolerances between the
    3E production and both Leica and Konica bodies don't always overlap.
  6. Hi! I'm new here. I have tried the 2 versions of the 3Elmar and both
    of them had the problem with fixing frames. After CLA (warranty) I
    received them back from Leica with no more problems and ....
    apologizes from Leica. So I don't think it's a problem with the body.

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