Any australian travelers, does developing film in oz cost more or less or the same as in the us

Discussion in 'Travel' started by bob_doroh, Oct 19, 2003.

  1. Im traveling to australia next month and plan on taking alot of
    pictures, after reading some posts on this site I really dont want
    to bring my film back thru the airport so im trying to find out if
    the cost of developing film in australia is about the same as it is
    here in the US or more or less
  2. Bob,

    I'm from Australia and as far as I can remember (I haven't been in Australia for over a year), developing of prints at a Fuji Frontier lab costs about AUD$15-16...which I think is about US$10. For b&w (non C-41), expect to pay AUD$30-45 for good quality prints ($US20-30). As to slide film...I've no idea.

    Enjoy your trip.
  3. What sort of film, and to what standard? Process and mount 35mm E6 at Bond's in Melbourne (Pro and recommended) is about Au$12 a roll, as I remember.
  4. no problems getting quality processing.
    pretty comparable rates to US and UK i think.

    Film carried in carry on bags in not a problem in terms of xrays
  5. Bob

    It depends on where you take your film. Prints can range from AUD$11.95 to 12.99 for a roll of 24 exp. (single prints) and AUD $13.95 to 15.95 for a roll of 36 exp. (single prints). Some places charge $AUD 2.00 extra for matt / and or borders. As the Australia dollar has become stronger against the US dollar I'm not sure if the cost of developing is the same. (It's about 70 US cent to the dollar - it's been a while since I've lived in the states and I have forgotten how much it costs to process film in America.
  6. Hey Bob,
    I work in a lab in sydney, our current prices are

    C41, dev & print
    12exp - 9.95 AUD
    24exp - 13.95 AUD
    36exp - 15.95 AUD

    B&W (non C41)
    dev & print
    24exp - 19.95 AUD
    36exp - 29.95 AUD (i think)

    Slide (E6)
    24/36 - 8 AUD
    24 ~ 15 AUD
    36 ~ 20 AUD

    Film Scan
    3000x2000 scan (~3mb jpeg)
    36exp ~ 12 AUD

    You can get C41 D&P for as little as 6.95 AUD / 24 Exp,
    don't expect to much quality, and i doubt they'll do any corrections, odd are they'll probably be using a paper batch that's 12 month off.
    anyway have fun on your trip and i hope this post isn't too late

    oh at time of write the AUD buys 0.70 USD
  7. oh and for digital

    about 0.49 AUD

    so 34 US cents per print
  8. Could you reccommend any good labs with similar pricings in Melbourne? Where I go they charge AUD0.89 per 6X4 digital!
  9. 4x6" digital prints at Teds Camera Stores are 99c for 1-9 prints, but if you get 10 or more they are 69c ea. and for 100+ its 49c ea. Quality seems fine.

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