Any affordable TLRs that can shoot 1/2 stops for slides?

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  1. I own a Yashica Mat 124g and love it. However, I don't know if there is a way to do 1/2 stop bracketing, either by moving the aperture ring between two stops, or by adjusting the ASA. I just started shooting color slide film, and it's become obvious to me that it is critical get the exposure right within 1/2 stop, so I plan on bracketing when I'm not certain. If not the Yashica, are there any other affordable/amazing TLRs that would allow me to do 1/2 stop or 1/3 stop bracketing somehow? Thanks!
  2. The Yashica D, which has the same lenses in it as your Mat, has no click stops, so you can adjust between the normal stops at will. I'm sure there are many others that do this as well.
  3. Hello again. The Yashicamat 124, and LM or EM, will yield reasonably accurate half stop settings if you roll the indicator to the smallest setting (f45 or f32) and then bring it back to your desired f stop for the exposure. Never count on the built-in light meter for ANYTHING... You might experiment with 1/3 f stops... I can do that with my 124's. Enjoy, Bill
  4. My Rolleiflex 3.5F can do half stops. I believe all Rollei TLR cameras have this ability.
  5. Years ago I used Mamiya 330 range of TLR and they were able to shoot between stops giving the half stop you want. Always worked well for me as I only use(ed) slides. They are now very affordable and robust cameras now on the second hand market.
  6. Some earlier model Rolleiflexes, such as my 2.8C model, have a variable shutter that enables, for instance, half shutter speeds to be set throughout parts of the speed range, as well as the ability to set f stops anywhere you want throughout the scale. The C was the last 2.8 to have the Compur Rapid type booster spring for 1/500. From the D they went to the "Synchro Compur" design without the booster spring which also has certain advantages (you can select and de-select the 1/500 speed with the shutter cocked, and can use 1/500 with the self timer, if desired, unlike the 2.8C). I suspect earlier 2.8 models such as the A & B for instance will also share the shutter functionality of the 2.8C, although you will pay a premium for a B, and the A features the 2.8 Tessar unique among Rolleiflexes, not a Biometar, Xenotar, or Planar.
  7. More often then not, shutter sets in most cameras/lenses will allow intermediate aperture settings.
    Shutter speeds usually must be set on the click-stop, but apertures do not.
  8. I'm a big fan of the Mamiya TLRs. The aperture can be set to a 1/2 stop even though it doesn't click between whole stops.
  9. For he Rolleiflex GX and FX you can set the aperture halfway between the f-stops. The Rolleiflex 6008 series (SLR) can adjust the shutter speeds and f-stops at 1/3rd.
  10. AFAIK most ANY camera other than SLRs with automatic diaphragm lenses can be set for 1/2 stops, 1/3 stops,
  11. Thanks for the help guys! I will perform a test using Bill's method and report back here with the results!
  12. All mamiya TLR "chrome" lenses have apertures that are freely adjustable (1/3 stop increments if you wish, for example.) And i believe a camera technician could modify the later "black" lenses so the aperture click-stop is removed.

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