Antique Leitz 80mm Summar

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  1. Hello,
    I have this old guy in my collection:
    I can't find much information on the him, apart from the fact its used for photomicrography. Anyway, my question was related to one of service.
    I think there might haze inside the lens.....the viewfinder appears all milky when I mount the lens to my bellows.
    What would be a good place to send the lens and get it CLA'd?
    I am trying to sell it, but am having second thoughts since it seems like a beautiful piece, so thinking of a repair.
    I would appreciate your advice.
  2. You might be able to sell the lens as-is for more than the price of a superior modern macro lens. CLAing a collectable lens should be an option for the ultimate buyer, not the seller.
  3. I'd also say that you should be careful as to not have someone "restore" it - it could hurt the resale value. Try having it valued first.

    Which country do you live in ?? If you are in europe, I'd recommend - they are very knowledgeable.

  4. Jim......I will see if I can find a buyer.
    Soeren, I live in the US (Atlanta, GA).
  5. It is one of a series of close focusing lenses for large format bellows cameras. Mine are black and won't fit any normal bellows adaptor for 35mm. They fit onto an elderly leaf shutter assembly. If you find some standard adaptor, let me know. Because they are for larger format, I suspect they would be rather ordinary for small format images. They are very good at what they do in large format 5x4".
    Mine don't have normal f stops. Numbers are coded for some exposure system you can work out using TTL metering or a lux meter; I forget. Let me know if you want my estimation of how the numbers work in practice.
  6. Hi Robert ! Thanks for the mention.
    I'm guessing even considering what James E. stated, that this is an early enlarging lens?
  7. All,
    Thanks a lot. Gus, I believe as James mentioned, it was a close focusing lens.
    I found this :
    James has commented on the lens in that link.
    James, I could not find adapters. Its definitely not RMS and I remember that I was forced to use it in an awkward fashion that involved a 30mm adapter and tape!
    I have put it up for sale on flea bay and hope to find a good home for it.
  8. Gus,
    Look at the aperture numbers. They are exposure system aperture numbers not f stops, that are made for scientific macro cameras. I have 80mm, 100mm, 120mm Summar lenses all with the same markings, that came with a 5x4 wooden bodied bellows stand camera, with a leaf shutter, that cannot reach infinity with any of the lenses without vignetting. I was told it came from a university science lab. The 120 works quite well as an enlarging lens on 5x4, but one is always looking for vignetting at the corners, so why bother.
  9. I wonder if this is an early Micro Summar?

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