Antelope Canyon - Flooded to the Rim

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  1. Hello, Probably many of us are familiar with the gorgeous shots of Antelope Canyon with is red curves and wonderful sunbeams. However, not too many people have seen it at full flash flood. It is dangerous, loud, and scary when it is flooding. Many tourists have dies when it looks like this. Sorry about the horrible acuity, I only owned a Sony FD73 when I took these images. --- JDR
  2. Slapping and turbulent
  3. When word gets out theat Antelope Canyon is flooding everyone turns up to take a picture or hear the rage. It has been a few years since we have had a big flood. We don't get the heavy monsoons anymore...not like the late 90s.
  4. South.
  5. Looking North. This is a wide area that defines the Upper and Lower Canyons. Amazing amount of water.
  6. Pinched. This is an amazing sight. The flood is forced into a slot canyon only 2 or 3 feet wide here and about 100 feet deep. The speed and sound is amazing.
  7. What an amazing sight. Thank so much for posting these images.
  8. A chilling sight, indeed, and a good warning. It's impossible to look at those photos without thinking of the 11 hikers/photographers who died in that canyon the afternoon of Aug. 12, 1997. Foolish but innocent, two were never found. Thanks for posting.
  9. JD,

    Was this recent? I was just there on the 17th of March and was supposed to go this week but got tied up with other things and the weather didn't look too great.

  10. These shots were taken August 7th of 2002 according to the marker on the original files of my floppy disk. That sounds about right, late July and all of August produce our heaviest rains.
  11. Pretty sure this was the same day...
  12. JD,

    Thanks, those are impressive images and they make me want to hold my breath.
  13. Very impressive, and instructional. Thanks.
  14. I've been wondering what that looked like. I just visited Antelope Canyon, Wire Pass,
    Buckskin Gulch, Face & Labyrinth Slot Canyons, as well as the Zion Narrows, and tried to
    imagine them in "buzz saw" mode. You've captured it. I wonder how high the water level
    was when those 11 hikers were swept to their deaths..... It is fascinating looking at a slot
    canyon from above and peering down into the dim shadowy gloom on a sunny day... Now
    I can feel the power of the water slicing like a mad saw through the "soft" red sandstone.
    Thank you for a rare vision of the forces that shape our earth.
  15. The way I found your photos was via a Google search of "flash flood" plus "slot canyon"
    which I made as a result of reading of the deaths due to flash flooding in the Grand
    Canyon in the book "Over the Edge: Death in Grand Canyon". Deaths by flash flood were
    also described in the book "Off the Wall: Death in Yosemite" by the same co-author.
    See the Amazon links for both books:

    Scroll down the Amazon web pages for good customer reviews.

    Here is an Outside magazine article on Off the Wall:

    Here are some reviews of Over the Edge:;s=4_1;site=1
  16. if you want more try "The Secret Knowledge of Water" by Craig Childs
  17. You are so lucky to have seen this rare phenomenon demonstrating the sculptural power of water. It is floods like these that have carved this most beautiful of natural cathedrals. I was just there again, a few days ago, for the fourth time. While in the bottom, I looked up and imagined what it would be like to have that water bouncing violently back and forth within the confines of this tortuous slot. Amazing photos! So glad you posted them. Thank you.

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