Ansel Adams Negatives Undergoing Authentication

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  1. Interesting story-- congratulations on getting to cover it.
    Having said that, do you have any reservations about the resurrecting of these negatives? They were in an envelope in a garage for a reason-- these are presumably Adams's castoffs or seconds, and he never meant for them to be printed or exhibited.
  2. My personal feelings, is that this is history and history is worth preserving. To me they are a partial piece in a symphony, a collection of notes. The final print is the was the completed symphony. Just a sketches from Leonardo da Vinci are not the complete work. They still have significant value to society.
  3. Good points.
  4. I completely agree with Ralph.
  5. I have to agree Ralph - whether or not Ansel meant for them to be seen or not, they are a piece of history. If he *really* didnt want them to be seen - he could have destroyed them.
  6. Fascinating, Ralph! Thanks for sharing. I'm dyin' to see the images. I really wasn't aware that Adams worked with glass plates, but it makes sense, given his time period. I would rather see the images not being handled under florescent lights though.
  7. I'd really like to know how they got in a garage sale 70 years after they were made. Stolen....snagged from Ansels trash....loaned out and never returned..... I've printed glass plates from that era and older, they should make fantastic photos.
  8. Ralph,
    What an opportunity. What a find.
    Ansel wrote in his books the negative is the score, the print is the performance.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Keep Eager.
  9. Great story! After my father died, my mother sent me up to the attic of their old house to see what was up there. I found a little wooden crate with a bunch of 4x5 glass plate negs, and some plastic ones as well. I also found his two cameras – a Century 4x5 which still works, and a Kodak 1a junior, which produced the plastic negs. Most of the pictures are from WW1, when he was stationed in Switzerland. I want to scan them, but my present scanner can't scan negs, plus I need higher resolution. Does anyone have experience with the new Epson V700? I've heard they are really good, but don't know for sure.

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