Ansel Adams - Alfred Eisenstaedt show Toronto

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by clay2, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. For anyone near or visiting Toronto, Ontario, Canada:

    Art Gallery Of Ontario.
    18 November to 4 Feb. 2007, show:

    125 gelatin silver prints Ansel Adams from the Lane Collection:

    65 geletin silver prints Alfred Eisenstaedt from anonymous doner 2002.

    I know Eisenstaedt was a 35mm Leica guy, but go and aee anyway.
    We can always learn from the masters.

  2. Just saw a short 30 minute movie about Eisenstaedt - he also used view cameras, e.g., for his portraits of Ernest Hemingway. (He described his frustration with EH's cats, who loved rubbing up against the tripod legs....) I envy those who can go see this show....
  3. I was fortunate to see Ansel Adams Ex in Vegas last month
    books do not do these images justice.

    They also had his 8x10 field camera with a 105mm Kodak Wide his note books stamps and light meter ect
  4. I saw an AA show at the Bellagio in Vegas in May; assume this is the same one. I enjoyed it, but most of the prints were 1975 or newer, and as I had been warned, most of the newer prints were very dark (too dark for my taste). I would love to see a show of his prints made, say, pre-1965.

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