Anscochrome 500 Film Tested

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  1. If I recall, they also had a neat little inexpensive DIY developing kit, came in a little red box. Can't recall for sure, but I believe it did two rolls. Used the film on a few occasions -- as you say, grain or not sometimes it was the only way to get the shot.
  2. That Anscochrome 500 (later sold as GAF 500) was amazing stuff in its day. But fast color slide film really came into its own with Ektachrome 400 and the Fuji equivalent. Both could take a one stop push without losing too much quality.
  3. Plenty of 2475 in my film fridge. Still has cool grain, but massive base fog. About 1.0 density! I shoot at EI 200.
  4. Who, of a certain age, can forget Henry Fonda saying G A F!
  5. In the early 70's GAF sold a color print film in 126 cartridges which included a free flashcube. As far as grain in the Ansco/GAF 500, GAF admits there is grain as one suggestion for its use in later ads is "shooting for grain". I admit I never tried any of the Anscochromes, but I did use some of the 126 as well as some Super 8 GAF movie film.
  6. Thanks again Marc!

    Modern issue concentrated on exposure and color. Scully on Sunny 16. Meyers on the advantages of the dwindling selenium meters.

    I like most that Keppler bit:

    "Someday I'll look back on 1967 and yearn for the time when all the things photographic didn't come on silver platters and photographers had to use their heads"

    The Photomic Tn is featured in both magazines. More space than the M4, hmmm.

    Please keep these posts coming!
  7. Thanks Marc, I particularly enjoyed the report on the Chrislin Insta-Camera, a device I've not come across before. I don't think it was imported downunder, and from the review I doubt that it made it very far in the US. The meter review was great reading, too.

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